MSG Show (Oct. 17th)

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Who else is going to the show? I'm going with 3 of my buddies from High School. My one friend works in Guam and I haven't seen him in 2 years, my other two friends live in Massachusetts and we only get to see each other once or twice a year. All 3 of us are huge EC fans and have been from the beginning. Anyone up to grab some drinks with us in the city before the show?!

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Sep 29 7:10pm

Driving from NC for MSG and next night in Philly. E-mail Have never met another Choir Member.

Sep 29 8:29pm

will be at the Philly show as well, but going to that one with my family so things will be a bit more "tame." I will shoot you an email

Sep 29 8:31pm

I'll be headed to MSG with a group and then down to Philly also! Wasn't someone starting a FB meet up page for that Fri? Either way let's make it happen!

Sep 30 5:56am

How do you people get off from work for all of this and still be able to afford it?

Sep 30 6:05am

A lot of people have very flexible employers. My boss is betting me take a half day on the day of the show as long as I make up the hours throughout the rest of the week. I guess I assumed flexibility was a norm?

Sep 30 8:47am

I'm going to msg directly after work on a Friday it will be a struggle just to get to msg by 7pm. Can't party too hard I need to be alive in the morning to dive down to philly!

Sep 30 8:48am

*drive (typo)


I read the confirmation email about when picking up tickets you will need your photo ID, but I see some people say you need the credit card you payed with too? Trying to figure it out in advance so I'm not SOL at the box office

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Sep 29 1:13pm

I would bring both if possible

Sep 29 2:32pm

Yes you will need your credit card you paid with as well as your id!


How do you see about getting seats in this area? Wanting them for Charlottesville show. I am not seeing the availible on ticketmaster. Do I need to get in touch with arena?

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Sep 29 6:57pm

The choir loft is not open for the Charlottesville show. If the promoter decides to open it then we will post an announcement here and on Facebook.

Sep 30 11:36am

I hope they decide to pen these seats. I would buy some and give my others away!


I have tickets for the Charlottesvile VA show next month and I know you are just supposed to be able to swipe your credit card you paid the tickets for to enter. Well the credit card I used to buy the tickets is one that is in the whole Home Depot problem is so my credit card company is sending me a new card. I have not gotten it yet and the other one is only good for a certain number of days after I get the new card and activate it.

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Sep 29 9:54am

Please contact us at


Not happy about the boots EC!!!!! They were not available at the St. Louis concert!!! I want a pair!! When will we have an opportunity to purchase them????


When checking into the VIP area for the Louisville KY area we were told that the posters had not arrived yet and that we could pick them up after the show. We completely forgot about it....but I really want that poster, especially for the price I paid for those tickets! Is there any way we can still get them??

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Sep 29 9:54am

Contact CID at:

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I took 397 pics....can't possibly share them all, but here's one of my favorites!

Saw the show at Greensboro Coliseum last night and it was incredible. Had tried to get tickets the 1st day they went on sale and kept trying for over a week before the giving up empty handed. 3 weeks before the concert I decided to look again and saw the Choir Loft seats that were added.........Bought 8 tickets not knowing how they would be and just so everybody knows.......they were some of the best seats at the concert! We had an awesome, unobstructed view of the stage and everybody around us was on their feet and having crazy fun the entire time. This was our 3rd time seeing Eric at Greensboro and he gets better every year! So proud of our North Carolina native and hope you keep coming home every year. Couldn't have asked for a better show from beginning to end. We love you and your music Eric. You are the best live performer and you truly look like you're having the time of your life onstage. Oh yeah.....congratulations on the new baby news. Life is good for Eric Church. XOXO

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Went to the Charleston ,Wv show. Best concert Ive ever been to! With Dwight and the Bros, who I find to be outstanding! Eric Church is the Greate...
Sep 28 6:27pm

Any chance of EC coming back to the Eastern Ky. Expo Center in Pikeville this tour?


Hey has any of ya'll purchased the Chief Cares tickets and already went the concert? If so, is it just a ticket to the show or do you get more with it since the price of such is well above 200.00? Thanks.

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Sep 28 9:22pm

I have purchased chief cares seats. You just get the seats. They are very good and most of the money goes to the chief cares charity. You can purchase the VIP experience in addition to the tickets if you'd like to further your experience.

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I have a couple hundred (yes) shots from the show if you want to see them, PM me and I'll add you on Facebook. And that's my boot. . .
Sep 28 9:47am

Staceynancejohnson friends w lee

Sep 28 11:01am

Not sure how to PM you but am very interested in seeing your pictures. Great view!

Sep 28 3:18pm

Please add me in FB.

Sep 28 4:39pm

The best show I've ever been to btw that was right in front of me I was second row

Sep 29 2:37pm

Best show ever! Eric you are my all time favorite! Wish you had pit tickets available for your members, there were none available when I got my presale code. Regardless, you rocked it!

Sep 30 11:40am

Oct 1 3:18pm

PM'd you. That's a GREAT picture!!


Loved the show tonight on home turf!!! Miss you already


a baby is a blessing!


So excited for the Oct 9th show in Grand Rapids for my 21st birthday. It will be the best night with my very best friend. I am hoping to win meet and greet passes! Can't believe how close it is! Also, will be wearing my Lucheese boots, heard of the new line for the tour think its amazing- could only dream about having Eric sign my pair for my birthday! <3


At the show last night in Charleston. Had awesome seats. Put on one heck of a show.

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Sep 27 6:40pm

At the Greensboro show right now and the BROS have put on an awesome show, going to be a sweet night!!


I can't find my ticket confirmation. HELP!! I ordered tix for Philly...even received email that they were reimbursing me $5 per ticket for an overcharge. Kinda in a panic here! Do I need this for ticket window? Or can I just show my ID and credit card?

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Sep 27 1:34pm

Crisis averted...have to go through Crowd Surge Whew!!!

Sep 28 8:36am

Hey which tickets did you end up getting? Did you get the Chief Cares tickets? If so which section and what row? Also How much where they? I was too thinking about getting Tix for the Philly show. Thanks

Oct 1 7:06am

I got 5th row floor the day they were presaled through this site. $75 each Holla!! AND the show is on my birthday!


At Charleston show last night, a nice couple standing behind us noticed we didn't have a blue wrist band like they did. After some discussion, and when we noticed it seemed like everyone else had this blue wrist band as well, my husband went out to check what it was and ask did we need one. He wasn't allowed to return to check-in table, but was told it was for the GA Pit. We had GA Pit tix. He said we'd get our bands later. So after the super amazing 2 song VIP, we were led to the arena where we were denied admission to the pit because someone had already marked our tickets before we went into the Outsiders Lounge. Security told us to leave. We went back to where the VIP area was and security there told us that area was now closed. Nothing anyone could do. They explained they mark the tickets when they give you the wristband. This way, people can't hand their pit tix to others and they also get into the pit area. It was a mess. Make sure if anyone puts a mark on your ticket, you get the blue wristband or else you'll be out of luck!

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Sep 27 4:17pm

Wow! That is just.....wrong! Over the years I have met some great staff at venues and other far from great...I hope Eric's team can do something for you. Where did you watch the show from?

Sep 27 8:11pm

I don't think the error was with the Eric Church team at all. We checked in at VIP table and got the Outsiders wristband. Then to security where they checked our tickets and id's and gave us wristbands to show we're old enough to drink.

Sep 27 8:14pm

It was just a mess, and security treating us like we were trying to sneak in..they weren't nice. I just wanted to share hoping others could avoid the same.

Sep 29 10:03am

Jubnem, a representative from CID will be reaching out to you on email. Sorry for your experience, we hope you still got to enjoy the show!


Just wondering if anyone knows how far from the shows do they announce who was selected for the Meet and Greets? I am going to the October 23 show in Manchester. About when do they announce the Meet and Greet people for this show?

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Sep 27 4:18pm

I hear a few days before at most.

Sep 27 9:27pm

Louisville was the day before

Sep 28 12:40pm

Thank You!

Sep 29 9:07am

i heard some folks in their profiles said they had a meet and greet,earlierin the week but the email came closer to the show

Sep 29 9:59am

Usually a few days before. Good luck!


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