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Thanks @ericchurch and wife for starting a charity that lends aid to different types of needs. Most are designated to one specific area. I have the utmost respect for someone blessed with a talent that people are drawn to and then turn around and give back. Once again I offer my humble Thanks to you and your wife.


Hi! I was wondering if someone could please help me! I bought tickets for the concert in Knoxville and am unable to go now because I took another job out of state. I would like to transfer the tickets to my former roommate as a thank you gift. I am bummed that I can't go but would love to be able to give them to my roommate who is a big fan! Any info anyone is able to provide would be greatly appreciated.


Cannot wait for EC back in Greensboro on 9/27! My husband and I have been fans since the beginning and have yet to miss an NC show! The Greensboro show falls on my birthday 9/27/79 and I would do anything for a M&G! Cheers!!


I've got 2 pit tickets for the Memphis show on Halloween. While it's my favorite place to be for a Chief show, my friend has backed out and my nephew is now going. I'd love for him to be close, but the pit might be a bit much for the little guy. Looking to trade even for great floor or lower level seats, as this will be my nephew's first concert. Let me know what you've got if interested.

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Aug 27 9:05pm

This would be the greatest birthday ever to have a chance to meet & greet Eric, since he will be playing on mine :) 9/17 show

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Aug 27 2:55pm

Yeah I have Joint VIP tx's they are will call but I have no info on how early to get there etc. anyone been to any shows that have had these tx's??


About how many people win a m&g through the fanclub per show? I entered for one for his show at Mohegan Sun on October 24th! I hope I win!


I'm just curious if anyone has any personal videos of Eric singing the Lost Songs from the fan club party? I'd really love to hear everything he sang!

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Aug 25 9:51am

If anyone does, they probably won't be posting it on here, since they had specific rules of no recording or you would be kicked out. The only glimpse you will get from that day is watching the video that was posted on here by the website.

Aug 25 11:53am

I has wondered about that. Thanks for the info!

Aug 25 5:01pm

wish they would put back the party video for choir members now that cold one has gone public!

Aug 26 3:07pm

I wonder why it doesn't show under the Media tab, you can view last years Church Choir CMA Fan Club video on that page under Chief,but not this years and when you click the original link in the feed below it takes you to the Cold One video?


Mr. Church. I bought suite passes for me and my girlfriend for your december 5th concert in kansas city at the sprint center. And I bought her the tickets and a diamond ring. I wanted to make it special im a 20 year old from missouri that works at a grain elevator. Ive been looking for ways to get a hold of you and I've commented on videos and stuff trying to get your attention. Contacting c.m.t seeing if they will help get a hold of you. Im gonna propose at the concert but I was just seeing if maybe you could help out a little. I want to shock her. I know you have alot of shows and things going on and its months in advance. But im just trying Sincerely Eric Hendrix my email is

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Aug 24 5:59pm



Instead of Brandy Clark uhhh...Why not some southern rock sounding new comers The Cadillac Three!!!

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Aug 23 8:12pm

Brandy Clark is fricking AWESOME!!! Can't really top her!!

Aug 25 5:04pm

seen brandy earlier this year great show expect big things from her! but I got tickets for Peoria with halestorm and Dwight yocum love the mix eric is takeing on tour with him!

Aug 26 7:33pm

TC3 are far from new. They toured with Eric in 2012! Great dudes!


I bought VIP Experience tickets for MSG back in April and we are in the Pit - I just got an email from Ticketmaster yesterday saying my tickets are printed and ready to be mailed. I thought these were are Will Call tickets. Should I be concerned? These cost nearly $500.00 and I don't want any problems.

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Aug 25 12:57pm

In NY, it is against the law to mandate picking up tickets at Will Call. I had the same question for a different artist, but VIP program through the same vendor.

Aug 25 6:54pm

That's good to know. I actually got my tickets in the mail today. They say VIP GA Admission on them. How will I know what to do for the VIP Experience, what time it is, where it's at, they'll need my ID I assume?

Aug 27 12:34pm

Same here. Any info on where yo meet, what time to get there, etc...???????


There is a serious problem with your online store. I have been trying to place an order for days and it will not go thru !

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Aug 22 10:54pm

I've been trying to buy a standard membership and my order won't go thru either...

Aug 24 1:31pm

I tried to order the poster & Outsiders on Vinyl and when I tried to pay...says the items didn't have a common filler. So wouldn't proceed to the next page.


Just a couple questions. I noticed in my email that i slide my card to enter the stadium, theres no actual tickets. I've already paid for these tickets. Does anyone know what this is for? Also im needing one, maybe 2 more tickets. I bought 2 tickets in the pit. Would really like 2 more. Do not want to pay these other sites 2 and 3 times the face value. if anyone is selling. Please keep me in mind. thanks

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Aug 23 2:09pm

the card is used for entry. It is just to verify that the person who bought them is really the person using the tickets. It is to prevent scalpers. It makes it harder for someone to buy tickets and turn around and sell them to someone else.


I purchased tickets to 2 shows this year. I just found out that I am going to have to have surgery and am unable to make one of the shows. I have never sold tickets of any kind before, so I wasn't sure how it worked. My tickets are credit card entry tickets so I contacted ticketmaster and they said that I have to attend the show myself or that the only possible other option is that the individual venue may let someone use my credit card to enter the show. There is no way I am allowing someone else to have my credit card. Is there no way whatsoever that I can sell these tickets to recoop some of my cost? This unexpected surgery is going to cost me enough money as it is, so I need every dime possible... thanks

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Aug 22 12:54pm

some tickets you can "transfer" on ticketmaster. Might not be able to with these though. login to TM, click on your order, and click transfer. it will tell you if you can. then someone can buy them from you on TM.

Aug 26 5:45pm

Email the Church Choir team @ They should be able to help you out. They were able to cancel an order I placed.


Hi Choir! Eric and Katherine have announced their new charity today called Chief Cares. Read all about it here: - EC HQ

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Aug 25 5:07pm

this is great! a little bummed no one is acknowledging this! my wife does a scholarship through c.f.o.c.i that is the same they helped a lot.


We upgraded to VIP and are selling our old lower level tickets for face value to the louisville ky show. If you are interested and able to meet us at the doors please comment or message me

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Aug 21 4:52pm

These went fast so as of now they are sold.

Aug 21 6:25pm

How did you do a VIP upgrade and what does it consist of? Is the only way to sell your other tickets, if you get the person through the door with your credit card?

Aug 21 7:15pm

They had a thing on here to upgrade and you get to go back to a special area get some free gifts and you get to watch 2 acoustic songs performed by epeople people who bought are extras are just meeting up with us so we all go in together


If a Eric Church sticker/decal for vehicles isn't one of the new merch items coming I'm going to be very disappointed lol!

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Aug 21 10:53pm

I want one!


I need this so badly...

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Aug 21 7:29pm

need what!


I need to have be taken off the CT show on Oct 24th..for the meet and great, I only wanted to enter Verizon Manchester NH on Oct 23, I made a mistake.. I don't want to miss any chance I could of gotten for NH.


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