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Anyone know how to get pre sale tickets for Tupelo show?


Anyone have any extra tickets tonight for Mohegan? Was hoping to find some pit tickets! Please let me know ASAP!


5 days EC rolls into Knoxville!

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It's weird trying to explain to someone when they ask you how a show is. Unless you were there, and share the same passion for an artist, you will ...

when will the meet and greet b sent out of the knoxville tn show


So frustrated I didnt get M&G for night two. Broadway from 92.5 said supposedly they arent doing M&G for night 2 and hes had dozens of church choir members calling because they werent chosen either. Wtf?!!? Why give us the option if its not even happening!!!!

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Oct 25 10:34am

I got a meet and greet for Saturday night


I cannot begin to describe how special last night was for my husband and myself. We got the opportunity to meet Eric as well as pick the song he played. I picked "You make it look so easy" it was perfect as we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Eric was incredibly nice and genuine, and it was such an honor to spend the time with him. All of his staff were amazing and went above and beyond to make our night special. We will never forget our experience and will proudly tell our daughters how perfect the night was. Thank you for a night we'll never forget!!!!

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Oct 25 12:59am

Great nite for sure,email me,i have something from lasts show u might

Oct 25 5:05am

Just sent you an email, can't wait to see what you got :-)

Oct 25 4:43pm

I have as cool pic of Eric holding mic to you as you told him the song. I was in that stage area. Not sure how to get it to you. Great show.

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Eric was kind enough to sign my daughter's Build a Bear she made for him during the VIP joint pre show. This really made her night. Just when we ...
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Came across this today can't find a link on homepage. Figured I'd share for those interested in what the boots look like. Check them out -

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Oct 24 2:32pm

Thank you!! I've been excited to see them and they don't disappoint. How will I choose???

Oct 24 9:52pm

The page is asking for a password to access it. I tried my church choir one and it didn't work. I also have VIP tix for tomorrow's show but I still don't know what to enter. Any suggestions ?

Oct 24 2:51pm

I bought our tickets 2days ago. My friends wanted to wait until regular tickets opened today to see if they could get better seats. They DID NOT! Church Choir Rocks!! Big fan from way back and can't wait to see y'all at Staples Center. FYI...traffic into LA on a Friday night is awful and trying to find a parking space even worse! I strongly recommend buying a parking pass in advance!!

Oct 24 9:51pm

The page is asking for a password to access it. I tried my church choir one and it didn't work. I also have VIP tix for tomorrow's show but I still don't know what to enter. Any suggestions ?

Oct 25 8:53am

Yeah, my password won't work either. :(

Oct 25 4:03pm

When I originally posted this it wasn't prompting for a password. It won't let me in now either.


Can't wait until January 8th!! Got my pit tickets and am hoping to get chosen for a meet and greet!! See y'all there!!


Long time fan, but new to the fan club..... Is it possible to still be in the "choir" pit? Also, can you explain how meet and greets for Eric work? Can't seem to find the info on the website?? Thanks!!

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Oct 24 5:32pm

Meet and greet will be available next week. You can register here:


The only tickets I could get for his concert in Vegas on 1/16 was standing room only in front of the stage. Has anyone every done this? Is it fun? How early do you have to show up?

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Oct 24 10:52am

Hey Joe! I have been in the pit for almost every ECB show we've seen. It's awesome, I mean how can you beat front row? How early you need to show up depends on how close you want to be to the stage. If you literally want to be the person leaning on the security gate, you can, just be ready to walk in as soon as the doors open & be ready to stand there all night. Because it's a general admission section, if you move, your spot can be taken. It's a party and I have always had a blast. I hope you have a great experience & can say the same 1/17. Good Luck! ~BA

Oct 24 12:33pm

Hi Brittany, the doors open at 7pm. At your concert did you show up earlier than that?

Oct 24 11:26am

Was in the pit for MSG, you will love it. My wife and I got there just as the first act was finishing, before DY came on, and we were like 2 people from the front the whole time. There was no issue going to the bathroom and getting back to where my wife was.

Oct 24 12:18pm

What town is MSG?

Oct 24 12:24pm

Madison Square Garden... NYC

Oct 24 12:31pm

Wow, you you didn't line up at the venue before the show started? You just walked in during the end of the first act. That sounds great, Thanks!


Paperless tickets suck. Cant buy tickets for someone because the purchaser has to go to! Cant give tickets as a gift because the purchaser has to go too! Thanks for making it hard.

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Oct 24 10:35am

I agree. Paperless tickets are dumb... especially when it comes to a gift.

Oct 24 11:08am

Which you cant even give as a gift because you would have to go too since you purchased them. What a hassle.

Oct 24 10:54am

Did you check to see if the tickets were transferable? Some sites (I think ticketmaster will) will let you put them in someone else's name after purchasing.

Oct 24 11:07am

Yes Ive spoken with the ticket company and they arent. What if i was giving these as a gift? Id have to go too. And the concert is out of town. So I would have to drag the purchaser with me. Thats just stupid.


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I was at Manchester last night in VIP and got the poster. I also have a M&G tonight at Mohegan, if I bring my poster from last night, will he sign it tonight at the M&G?

Also, bought a pair boots, pumped for those to come in 6-8 weeks.

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