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I've got VIP pit tickets to see Eric in Memphis. I am extremely concerned about the VIP experience and pit seating. Will someone who went to the Minneapolis show with VIP GA Pit tickets please share about your experience and if there was or was not a reserved area for VIP's. And does anyone know who is allowed to sit in the "insider's pit" - the pit area within the outer track of the stage? I went to the Bossier show too (No VIP offered :( at that one) and would love to know who exactly is allowed to get in that area. I've reached out to and their reply was that they are not ticketed areas and not available to VIP's. Thanks!

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Sep 16 9:56pm

Also, will someone please post pics and prices of the new line of boots (Assuming they are already available for purchase at this show) I just might have to pick up a pair for me and my lady.

Sep 16 10:44pm

I'm worried too. I want to get VIP for the Peoria show but after reading the VIP reviews I'm hesitant to. We are driving 8 hours for this show and I sure don't want to spend almost 1000 for tickets, hotel, gas if we are way in the back.


Have you guys been getting your tickets at the box office when you arrive? My show is a month or so out but I just wanted to have some form of an idea on where to check to get my tickets/ vip pass thingy

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Just saw Eric last weekend and already counting the days till I see him again. Just can't get enough Church :) :) :)

Can't wait for thus concert!!!!!!

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So glad I finally got the chance to meet him in St. Louis last weekend! I think I was a little too excited because I have a big smile on my face bu...
Sep 16 7:44pm

What did you say to make that gorgeous man smile LOL

Sep 16 8:20pm

@karynjp I honestly have no idea! LOL i was too nervous to really say anything!

Sep 16 8:27pm

Me too , He was so handsome I just lost my head and told him I lved him, honest truth noting I planned on saying or asking but I got a hug and loved it :)


How are these seats? I bought tickets for Charlottesville because I had a conflict for the Greensboro show... so now we've decided to go to both! How were the Choir Loft seats? I'm sure with the 360 stage, there isn't really a "bad seat in the house."

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Sep 16 6:17pm

What I really meant to say was... now I no longer have a conflict with the Greensboro date , so we're going to both :)


Hey all when I bought my EC tickets back in April, I used a CC that has since been compromised and destroyed. How can I go about getting the tickets transferred to my new CC so I have no issues in getting into the show?

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Sep 16 5:26pm

I had the same thing happen...The card had to be cancelled, but I still have it...So, I'm just going to bring the card and my receipt and hope it works since the concert is Thursday...

Sep 16 5:56pm

That happened to me at the stl show. I had GA tickets and was told I had to leave the line and wait until 5:30 when the resolution box office window opened. Every venue is different so try calling them! I was still able to get 2nd row inpit


Hi! I am doing VIP on 10/10 in Cleveland with my soon to be husband (getting married the following week on 10/18) and am now concerned about VIP. I am fine with being in a mix or separate pit with other VIP fans, since we all paid a hefty amount - but I'm going to be really upset if the side pit stages are given to people at random vs those who paid the money to have a VIP experience. Has it been worth the VIP except for the two song set? What about the merchandise and the separate VIP concierge


I have a question, as many people are more than likely wondering, so will these boots that aren't even out yet only be available to purchase if you go to the VIP show while attending one of The Outsiders tour shows? At first I read it as though they aren't even out yet, but I didn't read it as you can only purchase them at the VIP show. But now people are commenting on and saying they believe they can ONLY be purchased at the VIP show, so technically if you've already attended a show VIP you don't even get a chance to purchase them if they come out after your show date. I know they aren't out but could you clarify for us if you must have VIP tix to purchase said boots:-) THANKS

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Sep 16 5:37pm

I'd guess that eventually anyone with $1000 can get a pair

Sep 16 6:03pm

Going to the show tonight in a like an hour! Would love to know the same information.... :)

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Committed my love of Eric Church to the flesh! Combined with my love of the NY Jets!
Sep 16 7:24pm

Great but would look better with a bears logo! but I like your dedication!

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First in line for the joint VIP! So excited!!!!

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Sep 16 3:16pm

This was wrong page


Has Halestorm been removed from the KC show??? They were on there not too long ago and now it's only showing DY.

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Sep 16 1:01pm

They will be there.

Sep 16 5:53pm

Sure hope they will be there for you. I live to for away for that show. They are really good especially when Eric and Lizzy sing That Damn Rock and Roll.


9 more days til the Louisville show! GA Pit tickets. Crossing fingers for a Meet&Greet and to be chosen for the insider pit. Sure would make our 8th wedding anniversary grand! We've conceived a couple babies following Chief concerts haha! We are young, concert junkies...but we know who puts on THE BEST show! We may be 30&33 with 5 kids, but we know how to party! Now if I can just talk the hubby into letting me purchase some for another show with Halestorm. I REALLY don't want to miss a Lzzy Hale duet! Priorities.

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Sep 16 5:58pm

It has seemed like forever since I got my tickets April 21. I have started counting the hours. Older than you (65) but love this man and like to Drank A Little Drink and party.


I called CID. They said they are working with EC management, & venues on getting things corrected!! I so hope by Des Moines Show! I called Administration at Wells Fargo to make sure the communication was going on what was suppose to happen. CID admitted there was a failure in St. L Show with assigned area on floor after VIP!

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Sep 16 11:34am

You are a trooper! Good work!

Sep 16 11:43am

They say anything for Minnesota?

Sep 16 12:12pm

So I wonder if they will do anything for the St Louis VIPs to make it right?

Sep 16 1:24pm

I am hoping they do it for tonight in Minneapolis. At least it should be corrected by the time we go to the Sioux Falls, SD show in December

Sep 16 1:57pm

I so hope they get this organized before Des Moines!! I will be looking for feedback after tonights Minneapolis show to see how VIP was handled..I'm not sure what they will do about St. Lous, sure not fair for anyone who has bought VIP

Sep 16 8:49pm

Thanks for the info. Hopefully they get it all straightened out for Des Moines. Keep us updated if you hear anything new. Thanks again!

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