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March 3rd, 2015 was the day I've been looking forward to arrive and it finally came. Eric Church did an out of the ballpark performance at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. My son, and my son's dad and myself were blown away by his performance. Not only was his performance outstanding, but he look super stealth, as always. The performance went by just so fast that I felt like running after him, and telling him to come back and do an encore.We held up our boots while he sang "These Boots". My red ostrich never looked so good and were put to good use. There will never be another performer in Houston that will accomplish what he did. He's a class act and gives 110%. His band was outstanding as always. Can't wait for him to come back to Houston. I will never forget that night. It will be forever engraved in my brain. He's a super standing superstar and nobody will ever surpass him... EVER!!! Congratulations to Eric and his band and to his beautiful family. We will miss you. Hope to see you soon in Houston. You made HISTORY!!! And brought joy to our hearts while you were in Houston. God Bless you brother, you'll always be our favorite artist because you are the best in the music industry, undoubtedly!!! You rose to the occasion. Peace out till we meet again. You were the bomb... NUCLEAR!!!
-Love from Houston Texas, Donna and Kord!!!

P.S. Stay safe and get some sleep!!!


ChurchChoir unite! I'm voting for @ericchurch for the #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy! Vote now for our favorite guy!


Is the Chief going to release anything for RSD? I want to add to my collection!! Maybe some "Lost Songs"?? Anything!!!


Did my Choir duty of voting for the best army 50 times today <3 and counting down until I see Eric in 1 week in Wilkes-Barre, PA!!! So excited... no such thing as seeing the guys toooooo many times!


Hey y'all! So Ihave tickets for DC on the 10th on the GA FLOOR. and they are credit card entry. I just want to ask if anyone can tell me how the process works. I have 2 ticket.. is it just swipe and go basically? DO I want to get there really early to be safe? Can someone give me some info? Thanks!

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Mar 6 9:18am

Yes you must take your credit card you used to purchase the tickets and your ID, they swipe your card and you are in :) you will get an email before your show with instructions also :)

Mar 6 9:29am

Okay perfect! Thanks :)

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Choir Loft in Nashville @ecfan87
Mar 6 8:53am

I was there and that was an awesome night!!!!!

Mar 6 11:35am

Those look like good seats =)

Mar 6 1:38pm



I have read that Erric Church has a private get together with Choir members at the CMA Music Fest in Nashville. Is this correct? If so, how do you register?

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Mar 6 8:33am

Last year he had a fan club party and you signed up for it like you do a meet and greet. Then if you are picked you are given I think it was 24hrs to purchase your ticket which if I remember correctly cost around $25. (totally worth it) It is also only for one person, you couldn't take anyone with you. I am guessing if they are having one this year again, it will still be a little while before it is announced and even longer before you find out if you get picked or not. Hope this helps, if it is anything like last years it will be AMAZING honestly one of the best days EVER for me personally:-)


Saw Sturgill Simpson in Boston. OMG what an amazing show.
Eric, He would be a perfect outsider to get on your tour!!


I am so happy to hear Eric is on the ticket for this show!! My top 3 picks for him to cover are 'TN Jed', 'Ripple' and 'Black Muddy River'.... Keeping my fingers crossed I can make it to Maryland (on a Thursday). If not, they are filming the show and releasing it as a movie :)

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Mar 5 6:31pm

Ill have a few desktops trying for tickets come next friday the 13th noon eastern:)

Mar 5 6:53pm

Beat It On Down the Line would be a good one.


Just realized I never got these tickets in the mail. I know the email confirmation said they'd mail them out a few weeks before the show.... But they usually come way before. Has anyone gotten their fan club tickets for this show yet?

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Mar 5 9:03pm

I ordered tix also, (but through Kennys fan club) and haven't gotten them yet either.... that was way back in like ealry december.... (sadly Eric won't be playing the show I'm going to though) :'( but no I haven't gotten my tix yet, and it said the same thing they would come in the mail, and if I didn't get them 10 days before the show there was a contact ? Weird huh?

Mar 6 5:57am

I have mine on my phone. So I am assuming they will scan you in! Email and ask! They always get back to you quickly!

Mar 6 8:25am

Hey @bmwmamma if you find out will you let us know, I ordered mine from EC fan club and I thought my original email said they would be mailed also? Thanks:-)

Mar 6 9:04am

I am going to email them and let you know!

Mar 6 9:16am

So, I checked my crowdsurge account and it says the tickets haven't been dispatched yet. That was my main concern, that they had sent the tickets and 1) I had misplaced them or 2) they were "lost" in the mail (we have a tricky address...). Said they would be dispatched 2-4 weeks before the event, so we have some time. :-)

Mar 6 4:46pm

Thanks for the info :)


I'm bringing my soon to be daughter who loves Eric Church more then life. Her wedding to my son is the next weekend, May 16th, Would love a meet and greet with Eric for her.


Checking my email every 5 minutes for meet and greet .... 😎🎸

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Mar 5 1:09pm

prob emails wont go out for that show till mon/tuesday

Mar 5 2:01pm

Oh ok thanks ... Very anxious

Mar 5 6:48pm

I wanted to put in for one, but you have to go alone and I am going to the show with my wife. I am going to Boston too. And we will have friends with out. So I put in for that one!!! Good luck. I am looking forward to the Albany show.


I got tickets to the show in boston at the end of the april. I got my tickets in section Loge 15. These are in his choir loft section. I was wandering if anyone has any pictures or videos from when they sat in the choir loft? I am very excited to be seeing Eric Church in concert. I know no matter where you are sitting its going to be a great show!

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Mar 6 8:27am

I posted one a few days ago, if you click on my profile you can prolly see all the ones I posted b/c I posted some back in January also. :-) Hope this helps

Mar 6 1:11pm

i was in Spokane the Loft Tickets were awesome...Eric plays ans walks around the entire stage not to mention that their is big monitor screens above stage you will have excellent seats in loft. I post pictures for Spokane show



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Mar 5 2:43pm

Tickets are priced crazy!

Mar 5 3:15pm

Not to crazy with all the people there and some folks charge a couple hundred by themselves...

Mar 5 3:16pm

Date mixup..its the14th..

Mar 5 9:07pm

It's not on the tour page wheres he playing & tribute to ?

Mar 6 4:54am

dear jerry:celebrating the music of jerry garcia..may14th merriweather post pavillion goes onsale friday the 13th at noon eastern time


Is there and email address for Eric Church? My daughter wrote him a letter and I wanted to try and email it to him. If not we are going to his concert at the Verizon center in DC next week and we plan to try and be up front so I am going to try and give it to him. :)

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Mar 6 1:13pm

Don't think direct email. But I sent him regular letter to a mailing address few years ago

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My teenager and I got to meet Eric last night and he was amazing, genuine and kind. He's always been my favorite and I completed one thing from my ...

Hey guys, I just want to say a quick, but huge, thank you. Yesterday I was flying from Ottawa, Canada to Texas for the show and it was one of the most hellish days I can remember (4 delayed flights, 2 cancelled flights, through customs 3 times at one airport, etc) that I was so happy just to be getting to the show at all. I know how lucky I am to have gotten a meet & greet and I do not take that lightly at all. It was really rushed tonight, only seconds, but it truly made the whole madness worth it. I love Eric for so many different reasons, and it meant so much just to be able to to say a simple "good thanks, you?" I don't know who on Eric's side of things reads these (if anyone), but thank you for an amazing night and an amazing memory.


Just wanted to say thank you for an awesome show tonight. Thank you for reading my almost 4 year olds sign, pointing and blowing her a kiss!! It made her night! Kennedy loves her 'boom boom'. Life's about days like this- thank you!

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