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Eric Church I just want to tell you me and a lot of my friends are huge fans of yours basically I am getting a hold of you to see if you can save t...

Just wanted to stop in and say how proud I am to be an Eric fan. Not only did he start the ACM's off with a bang (literally making a nearly 10 year old song a new hit! how crazy!), but he shows such a respectful demeanor when in the presence of other artists. I know in my heart that one day (very soon) Eric will be recognized for what he deserves...and we will all be blubbering messes when it happens. Church Choir member FOR LIFE!

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Wanted to mention that it was great seeing Brooks and Dunn and George Strait perform again last night. Along with Alabama those were the first cou...
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As I finished watching the ACM last night. And throwing up a little as I watched some performers win award after award. It occurred to me that aw...


I signed up for a meet & greet.When will I know if I got it or not?

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Apr 20 8:21pm

You will get an email two days before the show telling you accepted or not accepted


🎶..its not about the money u make when, the record gets sold, its about doing it for NOTHING, cause it lives in your soul..🎶


Does anyone have/know the setlist from the Vancouver, BC concert on 14 April?

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Apr 20 2:42pm

It's usually posted on Twitter

Apr 20 3:10pm

thank you!


Eric, you're mine and the rest of the Church Choirs Entertainer of the Year, in fact if we had our own awards show, you'd win every award. Lol. Keep on being awesome, I'll see yah April 24th in Hampton 😎


Good Morning!!!!!! I'm stopping by to say this....... You better believe im mad as HELL!!!!!!! But with that being said....... I f it was ever proven to me that for you it's ALL about the MUSIC.....Isaw that last night....... You Made It...... You showed the World Who You Are!!!!!!!! It's not about winning an Award..... It's about making Genius Music and sharing it with the World.... As a DIEHARD FAN I want Awards for you....But you don't need them..... You are the Man!!!!!!! You are my Country Music Jesus!!!!!! Congrats on leaving your mark last night......Love you and all you stand for.........ERIC CHURCH!!!!!!!!:)


Why does it seem the great ones only get recognized when it's too late? Keep doing what you're doing , although recognition is nice, don't go changin to conform to the majority. Outside spring cleaning the yard, had Church playing and my kids age 9,10, and 14 singing along. That shoud be your award knowing you give to us great music. Thanks and can't wait for the next one. Hope to take the whole family to Allentown Fair to see you this year!!!!!!!


Great opening with Keith. I realize I could probably be one of those fans that travel alot to catch up with the Church Choir.


Eric, you pour your heart into your songs. You can hear it. Tonight you solidified why I love you and what you do. You can feel your passion when you perform. #keepinitreal

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Apr 20 4:16pm

it was the BEST opening act ever!


Call me when there is a True Artist of the Year award where the qualifications include writing your own songs, successfully taking country music international, and breaking records all year long with platinum and gold albums and setting new attendance records--oh and bonus points if you write more than 120 songs for an album.

Eric, thank you for showing my generation what it looks like to be an artist and putting your heart and soul into your music! Church Choir is along for the ride!

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Apr 20 12:20pm

I couldn't agree more. I get so angry watching these awards shows. It is so predictable. The only exciting part of the show was seeing EC perform Pledge Allegiance to the Hag! There is no way any other male artist should have beat out Eric Church last night. It is not even close. How can you compare someone who writes his own music and plays his heart out on stage to some of those clowns on stage. Ahh! Oh well. EC is anti-establishment and now we know why!!!


Eric Church never gets the recognition he deserves! An amazing artist who writes all his own music and is under recognized! Love you Eric and your church choir fans know how amazing you are and how you deserve every award you're nominated for!

P.S. BADASS opening tonight!! You killed it! Was happy to head Pledge Allegiance to the Hag!

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Apr 19 10:12pm

I truly RESPECT this man!

Apr 20 10:41am

I couldn't agree more. He once said, "award or no award... You win, you win. You lose, you lose. You still make music." That's why even though people listen to whatever hits the radio and buy, a true artist has a story to tell that will resonate with his/her fans. It's not about what the radio sells. That's why Eric is one of the greatest. You can hear it and feel it through his music. Church Choir gets it!


My two absolute favorite artists are Eric Church & Gary Allan. And I am currently sitting on my couch watching the ACM's realizing why. They are both true to themselves and to the music they love and put out there. While I enjoy some of these artists, and loathe others, they are not performers I feel a necessity to see live. Mr Church & Mr Allan are class acts in my eyes.

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Apr 20 4:24pm

I know cant believe who wins all the time, I do like Miranda, BUT, she is not a better entertainer then Eric, seen her with DBently, he stole the show. Keith is better too.. Seen Eric in Oct, and cant wait till the 30th..he is the Best. but he is not going to kiss a and be told what to do so in his own right and according to us Church Choir hes the real deal and the real winner...


Eric you rocked it! Best opening ever on the ACM'S!!!!!!!

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Apr 19 9:23pm

Agreed - totally awesome opening act.

Apr 19 10:23pm

The man is a living legend. A dark, mysterious, sexy legend.....

Apr 20 4:01pm

The first ten to fifteen minutes were the best part of the show. Eric was awesome!!!

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