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Like all of you, we are huge fans of Eric Church and love his stance on anti-scalping. Uprise is a startup trying to eliminate scalping and provide face value tickets to fans. Since Eric's fans are some of the most passionate, we felt it was necessary to post directly to you. We are holding a contest which continues till September. If you have any video regarding music enter it at and you will be eligible to win 2 VIP tickets to ANY concert. We are in no way associated with Eric Church, we just felt fans of his would enjoy what we are offering. Thank you for your time, and please leave any questions or feedback you may have!


Contact me via phone or email. Just asking face value. $105(taxes and fees) 9018601839

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Jul 31 3:23pm

Last night at the Ascend was AMAZING! Eric Gabe it his all. Just left the Pop-Pop store which was beyond fantastic! !!!!


Loved everything about Eric's performance last night! Ascend was awesome! Nothing makes me smile more than hearing that sweet chuckle while he's up there giving it his all. We had Platinum seats in the first row, new experience since I'm usually a "Pit" gal....but that's tonight!!! Can't wait!!!


Also looking for tickets for tonight! E-mail me at if you have any! PLEASE!


I am looking for 4 tickets for tonight.... They don't have to be together. We are willing to just sit in the lawn. My other tickets just fell through and I am really wanting to go tonight!!!!

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Jul 31 2:42pm

I have 1 ticket for tonight. Section 103. Row A.


please let me know!


Looking for 2 tickets to tonights july 31 show if anyone could help me out Thanks


Please stop ripping on Eric! He played a 20 song set! That is impressive!


Went to the show last night- disappointed in the crowd. Here is how this thing works- what Eric always says right? You get what you give-- he came out and played with an open heart which took balls of brass -- the crowd was flat and left their Homeboy unsupported. If you have been to his shows he feeds off the crowd - he lets the crowd lead him - which I find incredibly generous---- so instead of being haters start supporting the person you all dress up like. Get off your cell phones and start listening to the man who is putting it all out there for you -- afterall just getting up there is 'Epic'!

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Jul 31 10:22am

A few too many corporate people in the seats. Sad to see people who have no idea who he is, do not seem that interested in music and just shaking hands and greeting their clients. I LOVED the show and never sat down.

Jul 31 10:23am

So true!!! Tonight will have a stronger crowd. I knew it was a bad start when some guy had ear plugs! What???? Eric, you rocked it as always!

Jul 31 10:35am

I agree!!! Well said!! when we left i told my husband that the only thing i was disappointed about was that the crowed didn't deliver or show much support! We loved it and never sat down! It Rocked and nailed it as always!!

Jul 31 1:31pm

That's so disappointing to hear. It's to bad that industry people don't give him the recognition he deserves. He's a true artist. He writes, he sing, he stay true to himself and to his fans. I don't get it. Hopefully, tonight the venue will be filled with his fans that LOVE him. I know my husband and I will be there. We'll be dancing, singing, shouting and having a blast with the man, The Cheif!!!!!

Jul 31 1:34pm

Keep being an "Outsider" and rockin like only you can!!!! Xoxo


Last night was an awesome show! This was our 4th show.. I loved how Eric stripped it down with just him and his guitar.. brought his band members out 1 at a time and played a song with them ... I loved seeing this side of Eric! Laughing and just going with it! Eric You Always Bring it!! A Big Thank you to Eric for making a new special and unique Memory with us!! Loved your new song you shared with us last night!! Loved the Acoustic show!! Wish We had tickets for tonight's show! We love you Eric! Huge Fans Always!! also Thanks to Eric"s team for all there hard work and all that you do!

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Jul 31 10:23am



Did Eric sing these boots last night? If so, did he do what he usually does and signs some?

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Jul 31 9:49am

yes he did :) he signed a boot


So I live in Newfoundland and have travelled to Nashville and Kentucky a total of 5 times now just to see Eric. Twice in VIP (Kentucky May 7th). Eric played Old Friends after I requested it and told him that I ce all the way from Newfoundlamd just to see him. Got a shout out during Drink in My Hand. Needless to say I am a HUGE fan. So my wonderful husband agrees to go back to Nashville for not 1 but both nights of the Ascend opening! I entered for both meet and greets and won for Thursday night! I was so exited I cried! Travelling yesterday and got stuck in NYC, flight got cancelled, I missed the show and meet and greet! Absolutely heartbroken! Drowned my sorrows in JD and cried myself to sleep. Will be there for tonight's show and have a picture I painted for Eric to give to him! Eric or HQ - is there anything you can do for this heartbroken fan who has travelled thousands of miles to see Eric play???

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Jul 31 7:41pm going to drink a single barrel now for you two!


Thank you for the most memorable show last night in NASHVILLE!! Loved the format and it was so cool seeing the crew and band just relaxing and having fun with Eric on stage one at a time. I loved every song and cannot wait for tonight- round 2!!


Headed to mid NC today and was wondering if there were any particular "eric special" sights we should be seeing. Any info appreciated.


I found Carolina on vinyl on Amazon today. A great find. I've been looking for this for over a year. I was even at the Outsiders Joint at CMA fest looking for this but the only 2 copies they had, had already been sold. Now if I could get a Meet and Greet at WCOL Country Jam or Ford Field, and have Eric sign it. . .

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Jul 31 12:40pm

I want one too the one on there now say slightly damaged the wait continues

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