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I don't see Eric Church on Kenny Chesney's tour on August 15, in New Jersey. This date is not mentioned on his tour. If anyone has more information let me know.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving! God bless everyone! Can't wait for Nashville for another great Eric Church show!


ok I love all kinds of genre of music and I love halestorm and Eric church so when I heard they where opening for Eric church I said I got to go. I seen eric in Knoxville and it was more like a rock concert. I have had a lot of friends ask me who is halestorm if your an eric fan you need to check out lizzy hale. she is one hell of a talent. she has some serious pipes on here . you wont be disappointed. I cant wait to jan 10th to see them together in Nashville its gonna be wild. To me eric has made a cross over other country stars are afraid of mixing genres in concert. I want to here from people that have seen this show with halestorm. I need feed back will give mine after the show in Nashville. if you haven't heard of halestorm please before you go watch them on you tube or listen on spotify or anything you wont be disappointed. I think she is like eric loves to perform and her music she lives and dies it

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Nov 27 6:12pm

Saw Lizzy play with Eric at the CMT's and CMA Fest and its was abosolutely AMAZINGLY!!! Best live version of "That's Damn Rock and Roll"!! It has to be recorded!

Nov 28 12:39am

My husband and I are huge Halestorm fans, have seen them annually for at least 5 yrs now. Plus some years twice. We are all around music lovers! everything from old country to new, metal, classic rock and rock. Also HUGE Eric Church Fans!! I was so excited to have the best of rock and the best of country in the same lineup. My only disappointment was in how short the Halestorm set was. !!! Eric signed my boot and my sign, would have made the night even better if I could have gotten Lzzy to sign it also! but I am not complaining!


Does anyone know anything about a "pit" area for Nashville? I went onto ticketmaster tonight and it is showing a "pit" area by the stage on each side?!? I wanted pit tickets for Nashville and was not given an option for them. I was surprised to say the least & settled for GA tickets. :( I am very disappointed that the entire floor is GA for the cost. I will be even more disappointed if there is a pit and I was not given the opportunity to purchase those.

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Nov 27 5:54am

GA tickets are the pit. The whole floor in Des Moines was also GA/Pit and it was awesome. Don't be disappointed. Their isn't one bad seat in the house.

Nov 27 9:15am

The pits that you see are what's called the "insiders pit". They are giving it randomly to people usually on the day of the show. At some shows I went to they were used to upgrade fans from the nose bleeds.


When are meet and greets announced for the shows?

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Nov 26 6:04pm

If you are chosen its usually early the week before the show. If you are talking announced for shows on the second leg the announcement will be posted closer to the start of the tour.


(pick me! pick me!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING to Eric Church and his family, Band and there family's and to all of the staff and management and there families may God bless you all!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Lots of Love and Thanks from The Biggs family in Gainesboro TN

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Black Friday, November 28, take 30% off of EVERY ITEM in the merch store. Use the code "BF30W" to take your discount during checkout. The 12 Days...
Nov 26 12:48pm

Damn! I seriously just bought the wrecking ball shirt for my wife when the email came out. Lesson learned.


Eric Church is the most Dedicated, Original, Devoted, Creative Artist in the industry of country music than any other artist of today. He never ceases to amaze me how original and breathtaking his songs are. Examples: "Devil, Devil" "Roller Coaster Ride" and "The Joint" (All from The Outsiders Album). These songs are so freaking cool unlike any other songs in the market today. While listening to the songs, they pull you in like the vortex of a tornado. When you're through listening to the songs, you feel like you've been through one heck of a storm. Extremely tantalizing and invigorating. Eric, please keep putting out your wonderful songs. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless You, Your Family, and Your Band. Appreciate all of the joy your songs have produced for my family and I.
-Love from Houston Texas, Donna and Kord.


I usually buy the eric fukn church shirt every time my fades,please help me cause I cant find it anymore:(

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Nov 26 12:19pm

Here to the rescue! email

Nov 27 10:12am

By far the most amazing group of people!


What fan picked songs has everyone heard? I know in Knoxville we had Without You Here.

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Nov 25 3:19pm

Evansville was Before She Does

Nov 25 3:25pm

Louisville was Ain't Killed Me Yet

Nov 25 4:14pm

hung over and hard up was Peoria

Nov 25 7:16pm

Green Bay was The Weight (cover song).

Nov 25 8:44pm

greensboro was can't take it with you, charlottesville was longer gone :)

Nov 26 4:12am

I heard "What I Almost was in Des Moines and then I forgot the one he played in Omaha the next night.

Nov 26 9:21am

you can go to this site which will show most of them - its always the song right after Drink In My Hand -

Nov 26 11:26am

Young & Wild in Philly

Nov 26 11:28am

I chose "My Heart's Got A Memory" in London, ON

Nov 27 10:14am

How'd ya get lucky enough to choose?!? That would be awesome!

Nov 27 12:02am

The Joint was Ottawa!


Have been watching and waiting forever to see information on a meet and greet in Denver. Any news yet? I only see the "tickets" and "VIP" links under the Tour page, but no "Meet and Greet". Thx!


Where can i find the song back seat uncut?

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Nov 25 4:08pm

I think your talking about chevy van and its on the Caldwell county ep

Nov 26 11:31am

"Backseat" is an uncut song.


YEAH! But with songs like "I Love Your Love The Most" he melts the hearts of women. What can I say he's well rounded. Heck, My 17 year old son Kord thinks Eric hung the moon, he's a second generation Eric Church fan. Together we are forever telling the world you are coming. Rocking with Eric Church!
-Love from Houston Texas, Donna and Kord.
P.S. God Bless you, your family, and your band. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


can we look forward to any black friday merch sales from the chief?? i know some artists do this so was just wondering! i'm going to be filling my basket for christmas either way but it'd be awesome to have some sales!

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Nov 25 2:51pm

Maybe........ :)

Nov 25 4:18pm


Nov 26 11:29am

Ooooooh...just got the email and can't wait to see the Cyber Monday goodies!

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Nov 25 11:25am

Can you share a price range for available pre-sale tickets?

Nov 25 3:55pm

I'm With cundv do you know what the price range will be ? (Indy preferably if diff)

Nov 25 6:23pm

Go to ticketmaster and look at the cost for the Heinz Field show. That will be pretty much in line with all of the Kenny Shows.

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Hands down, the best concert I have ever attended. Already can't wait to see him with Kenny at Lucas Oil next May.
Nov 25 9:56am

I have seen Eric Church 5 times now and this was by far the BEST show I have ever been to!!! I drove over 6 hours to see this concert and it was well worth the drive!!! After catching his show in Cleveland on Oct. 10th I feel so privileged to have been able to see him in Evansville. See you at the WCOL Country Jam in OHIO!!!

Nov 25 7:17pm

Hey that's my boot!

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