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I'm unable to purchase the premium membership in order to sign up for a meet and greet in orange beach! Can anyone help me figure out why I can't do this?? It would be awesome to try to get one since I'm driving all the way from Alaska to see him!!


I've been in Nashville all week and it's only getting me more pumped up to see Eric Church in Orange Beach in less than two weeks!!😁😁 And then off to nashville in July for the acoustic show!! Hoping for a meet and greet in Orange Beach!!! Three times to see the outsiders tour in 7 months!!! I know all my church fans understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eric Church’s Outsiders Radio: May 29, 2015 Episode #4 Playlist (Sirius XM channel #56 The Highway)
1. Touch of Grey- The Grateful Dead
2. Friend of the Devil- The Grateful Dead
3. Los Lobos- La Bamba
4. Los Lobos- Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes
5. Trampled By Turtles- Wait So Long
6. Buddy Miller- Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
7. Eric Church- Standing Their Ground
8. BB King- The Thrill is Gone
9. BB King- Three O’clock Blues
10. Allman Brothers Band- Stormy Monday
11. Memphis Minnie- When the Levee Breaks
12. Led Zeppelin- When the Levee Breaks
13. Eric Clapton & BB King- Riding with the King


Awesome job tonight Chief! Best yet! LOVED Standing Their Ground and BB spotlight! Well done! True to everything you stand for! If you missed it tonight....check it out! Best yet!


Does anybody have any clue if you can still get the bonus track Lovin Me Anyway? I can't find it anywhere. I had it and lost it because of computer issues.


Hoping to take Wife to her 1st KC/EC show on our Anniversary (7/11)! I know things come up last minute, so trying my luck with my fellow CC Members. Wishing for the Best! No Scalpers!


I seriously can't wait until Saturday rain or shine I'll be there!! I would love a meet & greet no idea how I can make that happen either way I'll be screaming my head off for my FAVORITE artist!!!


The 2 tickets are on the field in section F5 row 18 at the start of the row and the price is $125 each. I will overnight the ticket to you for free after your PayPal payment is received. My email is


So who is going to the show with Kenny in Pittsburgh? Let's hope the storms stay away.

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May 28 2:09pm

I'll be there!

May 28 3:35pm

My husband and I will be there too!

May 28 6:33pm

Anyone need a free parking pass? I think I have an extra.

May 29 5:18am

What's up with the parking pass ur talking bout?

May 29 11:22am

@Hariley_cc what's your email?

May 29 11:55am

my email is My husband and I are going along with some other family members!

May 28 6:45pm

Tailgating? My husband and I will be pregaming it somewhere! Any recommendations? Our truck is staying back at hotel... ;) Not that familiar with Heinz

May 28 7:00pm

We're coming from the Philly area and walking over from the Renaissance. I've never been to Pittsburgh before but it looks like there is a "Tiki Town" party set up outside the stadium by the local readio station with some decent bands playing. Kenny's Blue Chair Bay Rum should have an area outside too.

May 28 7:23pm

Can't go wrong in "Tiki Town"! Great info, thanks! We will be staying at the Marriott City Center...looking forward to it!

May 29 9:19am

I will be there!! Can't wait!! :)


Seen you in Kansas - Followed you to Vegas a few weeks later - and in a week I will be flying to Myrtle Beach to catch you again. #FAN How many more shows will I catch this year?? Let's just see.....


I need 2 tickets for a Father's Day gift!


Looking to buy 2 ticket for orange beach June 12th. Email


I see some presales are already going on for the 2016 CMA Fest. I hope to go next year and also hope there is a 2016 Fan Club Party, too. Driving 14 hours to Nashville this
year for the two acoustic shows at the Ascend Amphitheater for my birthday! BEST birthday present, ever! 3 Eric Church shows in 7 days! Doesn't get better than that! A meet and greet would be icing on the cake! (no pun intended) Can't wait!

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May 28 10:28am

Sounds like you'll have the best bday ever!! Mine is 7-26 still hoping to get tickets to the amphitheatre

May 28 11:26am

That's my birthday too. I'll be 33 . I'm taking myself on July 31!!!

May 28 7:59pm

We all agree the an Eric Church concert is the best birthday present, ever!!


Last night was AWESOME, cant decide which show was better. both were amazing in there own way. hope salt lake fans didn't disappoint the second time around. Both shows are in my top 10 of all time! Thank You Eric Church Your Awesome! till next time Thank You!

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May 30 1:03am

He definitely made my night!! Had a m&g he took my sign and sang Hell On The Heart for me and even singed my boot wow best night ever!! thank you so much <3

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Great show in Rapid City, SD! We drove 8 hours to spend our honeymoon VIP style n meet Eric Church! Can't wait for the opportunity to see him perfo...

Was it at the Cordell as well?

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May 26 6:09pm

No it was at Marathon Village.


Will they have VIP and is their a way to purchase some boots at Orange beach Alabama on June 12th?

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May 26 12:36pm

On the tour tab, at that venue, it would have a VIP option by the tickets and meet and greet tabs. This one doesn't, so there is no VIP and you can only buy the boots at VIP. I feel your disappointment, but it will be an awesome concert. Have a great time, and I hope you can do VIP someday! :)

May 27 2:50pm

The VIP program is over for the time being. If you are coming to CMA fest you will have a chance to purchase boots at the pop up shop!


I would do just about ANYTHING to get selected for the Meet and Greet on Saturday, May 30th at Heinz Field!!

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May 26 2:56pm

Seeing Eric Church in concert has been at the top of my Bucket List for some time now. I am about to cross that one off on May 30th!!!!! Mr. Church, you are a genuine, true to yourself and true to your fans class act! I will be updating my bucket list and #1 is to meet Eric Church at a meet and greet before a show! What can I say,... I'm a "go big or go home" kinda girl! Can't wait until the 30th!!!!

May 27 4:34pm

EC - rain is in the forecast for this Saturday. If it storms like it did in June of 2013 at Crew Stadium in Cbus ... tell Kenny to shorten his show and play before you, and you close it down past curfew!!! ... Can't wait for Pitt

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