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For the Nashville show on July 30th what time do tickets go on sale for eastern time ?


In case you missed it, here is the third episode playlist of Eric Church’s Outsiders Radio, with some of his favorite cover songs:
1. Jerry Garcia/David Grisman/Eric Church- Stealin’
2. Van Halen- Oh Pretty Woman
3. Zac Brown Band- Jolene
4. Mindy Smith- Jolene
5. Jimi Hendrix Experience- All Along the Watchtower
6. Ike & Tina Turner- Proud Mary
7. The Clash- I Fought the Law
8. Hank Williams Jr.- Games People Play
9. Eric Church –Ophelia (live in studio)
10. My Morning Jacket- Ophelia
11. Linda Ronstadt- Desperado
12. Dixie Chicks- Landslide
13. Eric Church- Come Together
14. Blitzen Trapper- Working on the Highway
15. Johnny Cash- Hurt (Eric’s favorite cover of all time & mine as well it’s so powerful)


So excited for Thursday's show in mass!!!! I can't soo checking my email hoping to be chosen for the meet n greet!!! Regardless, should be a phenomenal time especially in the pit!!!


What are the chances you can play Old Friends, Old Whiskey, Old Songs at the Joint in Lexington?? What a great song!! I'd love to hear that one...


When are tickets available for September show in target center

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Apr 27 5:18am

The Target Center show was last September...


Ready to listen and cheer on the chief the hard way!!!!

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If possible, please give a ginormous THANK YOU to Eric for me!!! He picked my boot at the Hampton show. It was so awesome and he laughed so hard ...

If you want to purchase tickets to an additional event do you use the same pre sale code for each event or do you need a new one for every purchase?


I was so excited when I heard EC was coming to Pittsburgh. My 72 yr old mom is a BIG fan, as am I. When we saw it was at Heinz station instead of First Niagra, Burgettstown....where most summer concerts are, we were disappointed. The traffic & construction is nuts and my mom can't handle the commute...we will be there in spirit & wish EC all the success he deserves. Keep a level head and Eric & Co will exceed at all levels....Have fun. PamHD


So Eric is rocking a beard and Luke Laird is quoted that his looking forward to writing new album with him.

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Apr 26 2:31am

Summer next year at the earliest would be a good bet.


I check this feed daily to see where the next performance will be, and enjoy reading everyone else's experience -just wanna say Thank You to Mrs. Katherine for sharing her guy with us - what a woman :) !


Wow - what an amazing show last night! This was my 2nd show on the Outsiders tour (first was Hamilton, Ontario CA) and I can't get enough. Next show for me is the NYS Fair in August. Take me to Church - again, again and again. This music moves me in a way I cannot explain. Thank you!


I always said I'd pay anything to see Eric with just a mic and guitar for a full set! (ABSOLUTELY nothing against the band!!)

Hotel was booked about an hour after the announcement! Now, to get tickets and the time off work ;)


The Best concert we have ever been too !!!

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Apr 26 7:59pm

Hell of a show in Raleigh!! The PIT is always a great experience! EC always puts on a great show!!


Hoping for any remote chance to be picked for a CMA Fan Club Party... will there be one this year? Or some sort of meet and greet?


Just go back from the best show I've ever seen in my life! It's such a treat to hear real musicians at play! : ) However, I am beside myself that I somehow dropped my tour tee shirt on the way out! It's gone! : ( It was the one with the eagle on the front and the tour dates on the back. The same shirt is for sale on this site, but without the dates. Does anyone know how I can get another one with the dates? I'm tired, with sore feet from my boots and a hoarse voice, but I'm happy as a clam to have been 20 feet from the front of the stage all night. I'd just be a lot happier if I could get my shirt back. I'm so mad at myself!


Just joined the Church Choir so we can get tickets on the pre-sale to go to the Nashville acoustic show!!! So incredibly stoked! Bring on the road trip! 'Cue and Church! Damn! XO


Not only are the songs awesome that Eric picks he plays guitar and sings a few.

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