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Hoping the Chief will play "Love Your Love the Most" tonight. It was my wife and my first dance at our wedding and we are making a special trip up to Nashville to see him open up the Ascend Amphitheater tonight!


email me at


Does anyone have 2 extra tickets for the Friday show??

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Jul 30 1:26pm

my friend jaime has one if that helps. email me at if interested.

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The girls made sure that my wedding had the classic Chief style!

Eric Church will always be my favorite musical artist in the industry and he's the only musical artist I listen to. I wish him continuous success and hope he'll put out a new album soon. I'll always be a faithful and devoted fan and admirer of his work. He's the best in the Business and will always hold a place in my heart. God Bless your God Given Talent!!!
-Love from Houston Texas, Donna and Kord!!!


I have two singles in section 101 for Thursday night. I am in downtown Nashville and will be going to Will Call soon. Text or call me at 405-664-1834 if interested. Face value from Ticketmaster is $108.


Hi, need one pit ticket for tonight.. Please email me At

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Jul 30 11:13am

Look for this previous post -"Ascend Amphitheatre - July 30th Show Extra Pit Ticket @frank_piedi July 29, 2015 11:10am"


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Meet and Greet tonight means BEST DAY EVER HELLLOOOOOOOO
Jul 30 1:00pm

You are soooo lucky. I didn't get picked for tonight, but hoping for one tomorrow! Enjoy!!!


PLEASE play Faster than My Angels can FLY in ALLENTOWN PA at your September 4th Show....i ain't heard this one live yet, and i REALLY need to (and this is my 4th show on the Outsiders Tour alone).......and its a RARE PRECIOUS GEM!!!!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


Someone has hacked into my email address that I currently have my fan club listed through, which is my MAIN email for everything I do basically. I haven't been able to gain access to it in over a month, have contacted Microsoft and they have been of NO HELP WHAT SO EVER!!! But to try to resolve dealing with the fan club I need to know if I can just change my email address I use through here or is it going to send a confirmation to the email saying I requested the change? (IF so it will do me NO good as I am not able to access this email account at all ive filled out all the necessary info in order to retrieve access with still NO HELP!! I need this address changed to the current one I use now so I can receive my important news and info about the concert I will be attending Fri and as well for my email about the meet and greets so can someone please tell me (EC HQ) if I can add another email address AT LEAST if I can not change completely without a confirmation from that account so all my account info will go to both accounts if nothing else?? I just need to be able to receive important info from you guys so any help would be GREATLY appreciated.....Thanks so much in advance!!!

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Jul 30 3:02pm

email us at and we will change it for you. Sorry, you were not picked for Friday's meet and greet

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All the way from Newfoundland!! Super excited!!!!
Jul 29 7:21pm

Congrats!! Hopefully I can score one for the Friday show!

Jul 29 9:18pm

That's awesome!!! I'm praying for Friday!!! It's going to be an incredible time in Nashville ;)

Jul 30 9:22am

Congrats Chiefcountry

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Oh sure, I forgot about that Eric Church concert I bought tickets for, said no one EVER! :-)

I have an extra lawn ticket for both shows the 30th and 31st if anyone is interested. Had a buddy back out because of a family emergency.


I know this is kind of a long shot, but I am hoping to manage 4 tickets for Friday night. I don't care where they are located and they don't have to be all together.

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Jul 29 11:19am

Please email me at or just post on here Thanks

Jul 29 11:26am

Email me at or text me at 530-574-5643. I have 2 extra tickets I want to sell

Jul 29 11:53am

I am still in need of 4 tickets!!!!! Please help me out..... Thanks


I have an extra PIT ticket for the Friday July 30th show at Ascend Amphitheatre. Will be selling it at face value ($105). Please let me know if anyone is interested. I would have to meet you before the show to give you the hard copy of the ticket.

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Jul 30 9:25am

Is it still available?

Jul 30 9:44am

Yes I still have the 1 pit ticket available. Email me at if interested.

Jul 30 11:28am

We want it


I was so jealous that Utah got to see him do a acoustic show now I get to see it. I believe there will be some surprises performances with Eric I see lizzy hale doing that's damn rock n roll with Eric Thursday night


Anyone received an email as to when we can pick up will call tickets

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Jul 29 10:43am

fyi Nashville- Ascend amphitheater- july 30

Jul 29 11:11am

There website says box office opens at noon on day of the show so I would say at noon I seen Eric in Atlanta with Kenny Chesney bought my tickets through the church choir and got my tickets at noon that day

Jul 29 3:57pm

I was at will call today and they told me they will open at 2:00PM on Thursday of the concert.

Jul 29 11:14am

ok. I wasn't sure. I saw him in Nashville in January and will call tickets picked up at5 or 6.

Jul 29 12:00pm

Will Call opens at noon, but there's nothing indicating the time the venue gates open. Hopefully HQ can drop in and give us an update.

Jul 29 3:38pm

Doors at 6pm.

Jul 29 3:41pm

awesome Thanks!

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