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Just got the frames in the mail,had them made.
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too, see these trucks back in Peoria!
Jul 26 8:57pm

Can't come soon enough!!


Will someone share the playlist for tour? Looking forward to KC show.

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Jul 26 9:26am

believe there is no set list this tour every show is supposed to be different!


I have been trying all day to purchase these tickets and can not seem to find them on the tickemaster! I have followed the link from Facebook several times and nothing. I'm getting very frustrated. Why post a link if it doesn't work??? Oh not to mention the post says Oct 24th and the link brings you to the Oct 25th show. I really want to purchase these tickets and any help would be appreciated!!!

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Jul 26 9:28am

click the link from the tour page only vip pit left for floor but other seats our still available!g/l

Jul 26 12:18pm

I already have VIP pit "seats" His Facebook page posted a link for special seats on stage and called them Chior Loft seats. Only thing is Ticketmaster doesn't show them in order to purchase.


Can't wait for Eric Church in Pittsburgh! I have a countdown going on my phone!!


I'm certain I was the first to buy my VIP ticket to see a EC in Willamette on 8/16/14 ~ praying for a Meet&Greet!!

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Jul 23 10:06am

Be careful if you get a meet & greet. Photographer is awful, I was in tears when I got my picture and it was blurry and my eyes were closed. Try to use your own camera if they let you. I was SO bummed because they wouldn't let me use mine.

Jul 23 1:25pm

Yea, I was talking and laughing in mine so I look like a total ass, not to mention the guy next to me had yelled "grab his balls!" Gotta love Church fans :D I look goofy as hell but totally worth it!

Jul 23 6:15pm

He's the nicest guy.

Jul 23 8:38pm

I will just be so happy to see him up close. Thanks for the tips though!


We listen to eric church morning noon and night! alway our choice of music we are so excited to get out and see this concert!


I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the man who has unknowingly helped me through some rough times. I'm 16 but i can recognize a true musical genius when I hear it because my dad taught me what it means to have the spirit of timeless rock and roll. Mr. Church thank you for every lyric you write and melody you create. Sincerely your biggest fan

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Jul 26 9:29am

well said!


Mr. Church, My name is Jeff Pittman. I would like to say first off thank you for creating such music that comes from the heart and that means something to the simple man that lives a regular every day life. A little bit about me, Im 22 years old and Im from McDonough, Georgia. Im currently active in the United States Marine Corps. I enlisted back in 2010 bc I wanted to be a super hero and I felt this was the closest I could come to being one. Now I don't know you personally like some of your friends and family do but you bring and inspiration to life. I have fought in the Afghanistan Campaign's and I would do it all over again to protect the freedom of people that I have never come to know nor will ever know. I am in love with this beautiful girl named Alex Moss and she is a mystery beyond mysteries. She's from California and I swear that God put me on this earth to find her. I won't lie, sometimes I get jealous because she talks about how sexy you are and I just feel like chopped liver. ha ha I know that she loves me and by no means do i mean to bug you but if their was anyway...anyway at all to meet her or just make her feel like a star for just a split would mean the world to her. Im 100% sure you get messages like this all the time and you have someone screen them..well if thats the case then please let this get to Mr. Church. I would move the tallest mountain for my girl and I know she would die to meet her favorite idol. Im willing to do anything to make this happen. Please if this gets read by anyone at all..please help me make my girl the happiest girl in the world. You entered this business to make people feel those goose bumps and feel energetic when then hear you music...well you've accomplished that and now all I'm asking is to help me out. Please and Thank you -your Friend Jeff Pittman


I'm looking to find out how much meet and greet tickets are for the show in Wichita! I have a daughter with Down syndrome that absolutely loved Eric and we want to try and get her tickets to meet him! She's always telling us that She's gonna meet him so we want to hopefully help her dreams come true! I've posted a video of her signing her favorite song on his Facebook page! Please let me know!

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Jul 22 10:07am

Danielle, thanks for writing us. The meet and greets are not sold and are drawn in a lottery. You can enter by clicking "Meet and Greet" next to the show date:


If you haven't already get the two songs that EC sang on the Allman tribute cd. Both are badass and have a hard driving blues feel to them and you won't be disappointed. Just a suggestion for the Choir..


Please if anyone has 2 tickets to spare let me know


Cant wait to see Eric Church (again) in Oregon next month!!

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Jul 22 10:55pm

Me to (again!)! See you there.


I live is Sioux Falls sd and Eric church is coming here Dec 6th. Can someone please please get ahold of someone or give me a phone number Bc I have front row seats and I would love for her to get pulled on stage and then I would propose on stage. Her family is going to be at the concert too. It would be perfect. Please some one help me out

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Jul 23 1:04am

HELL YEAH.... been since nov 2012 since hes came home(other than the 2 days 6 shows) its time to tear the roof off that mother fucker!!!! we callin ya home e.c.


Less than two months away until Eric Church's show in Minneapolis! So excited to head up there and see him from just outside the Chicago area!! Here's to the long line of sinners like me that will be there!!


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! Eric will be here in Iowa again at my Favorite Fair!!!! I will see him in September in Des Moines, Iowa!! Awesome news!!!! ;-) :-)

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Jul 19 12:38pm

Wish I was near Iowa!!!

Jul 21 8:07pm

looks like a 3 hour drive for us

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