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I am beyond overly excitied right now!! Just got my vip email today about details on Eric show for Chicago and I can't wait!! It's going to be a beyond amazing night, celebrating my boyfriend birthday early and getting to see our fave musican together is going to be a amazing memory, can't wait to hear all of Eric songs and see what he got to bring this time :)


Eric, please please please make a cut of the song that you sang about your grand father at the country radio seminar this year. Just saw a video on YouTube and it had me in tears!

Just thought you'd like the feedback!


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Mar 4 9:14pm

"He's a fixture in my head full of pictures...."


I got to listen to the Outsiders radio show Eric does on Sirius on demand, it was great... didnt last long enough, but Eric put on a really awesome show, Great music!!! Ty Eric Church!!xo


I am very disappointed in the process to get my tickets. I purchased my tickets through the fan club pre sale and it is now 3 hours before the show and I still can't get my tickets to plan accordingly. I totally understand the process of selling the tickets pre sale and not giving them out till the day of the show so that scalpers don't take advantage of the system. But this is ridiculous! Traffic is horrible in Austin and to top it off there is a winter storm coming in tonight, so I wanted to get my tickets a little earlier so that I can just deal with traffic trying to get down to the show and not have to wait in line right before the show. I'm meeting friends there and none of us have tickets as of 4pm the day of the show! Something needs to be done about this. I would have been better off just buying my tickets on Stubhub. I just don't understand how as Eric Church fans and part of the fan club, we are the ones having to deal with the biggest hassle of getting our tickets. I totally love Eric Church's music but this is just too much to deal with. I will take myself off the fan club and just listen to the music at home because this is to much to be dealing with when it shouldn't be that difficult. Box office tells me that they don't have the tickets from the fan club and that they don't know when they are getting them. I don't understand why they can't give the box office the tickets the day of the show in the morning so that people can go by anytime during the day and pick them up so everyone can make their plans on getting to the show. I'm just very disappointed.

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Mar 4 9:04pm

Hate on it all you want but the way they do it allows you to have the chance to even get these tickets. I have never once had a problem when dealing with the presale tickets. Wait until the process plays out until you judge.

Mar 4 9:35pm

Not only that proper planning also helps, always doubling checking times and also with venue when they open and allow time for ticket pick up as well, and yea it sucks that there is bad weather but all you can do is plan ahead and get there when you can, even if it's before they allow you to pick up your tickets at least your there, and then wouldn't have to deal with traffic or the weather much. I know I am planning ahead for when I go to my show been checking times when have to get tickets and where pick them up also when parking lot opens, I know there going be traffic when I leave so also planning route to take, I rather be there super early then have to deal with the bs, plus if super early always can keep busy, maybe some other people be there early too to chill with, if not then I got music in my car, and etc. also your always guarantee there are lines to wait in to get into the venue it's part of a process


ERIC CHURCH and St. Patrick's day all rolled into the same day.. yeah! "All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand!"


When will doors open for the concert ?


Do you know when they pick the meet and greet? How long before the show? Do you get an email? Do you have to respond in a certain amount of time? I just don't want to miss it in case. I'm hoping for a meet and greet for Albany, March 12th.

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Mar 4 12:10pm

a few days before hang you'll get an email saying yes or no...if you dont get an email you can check on your profile as to if you were accepted or rejected. You do not have to reply to claim your spot. Information will follow if you get picked on what to do and where to meet and times for your venue a day or so after you get picked.


It's about that time!!! I am soooo excited!! Looking at concert sets on Instagram..... We are looking fwd to hearing him preform songs off his old albums as well as The Outsiders!!! It's going to be a great night!!

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Last night's concert was AWESOME! No one was standing though so I had to Pledge Allegiance to the CHIEF by myself - holding up my boot all alone!! ...
Mar 4 6:17pm

i see alot of empty seats and no floor people in MASSIVE PLACE..:(

Mar 4 6:26pm

nobody was allowed on the floor - it was pretty full but NO ONE was standing up!! I thought I was going to go crazy sitting down trying to rock out haha


I can't help but want constant fresh(not that anything is awful that chief created) music from EC. Would love for him to do a little throwback move he did and drop am LP (something like Caldwell county) maybe 6/7 more songs from those 100+ that didn't make the cut for the outsiders with "good for that" on it, maybe "old whiskey, old friends, old songs" on it maybe an extra shoe in after those 6/7 songs with "I'm just sayin"(would love a studio recording of that) and I'm feelin "Eric Church - The Missing Links LP" for a title, any thoughts?

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Mar 4 5:46am

I would definitely love to hear something like that! I know at least 80% of those songs that he wrote for the Outsiders record that didn't make the album us true fans would kill to hear!

Mar 4 12:44pm

How about the song Michael? great song!!! Would love to hear that on an album! Maybe a version of "The Weight"!!! by The band

Mar 4 1:52pm

I don't think we will ever hear Michael that's been written for several years and not released! I think that is a very personal song that he just had to write for himself it is a great song! I don't see Eric really doing any cover songs either he records only stuff he has written the exception being Chevy Van which I think was just a poke a the label and the trouble he was having then with them about doing his own songs! I want a pure Eric album no covers just his unreleased songs put on a cd or cds!


The show is next week and i have not received my tickets from tixketmaster. Any suggestions ? I'm getting worried!!

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Mar 4 2:19am

Depending on your seats may result in whether or not they're already in your pocket or not. A lot of the "profitable" seats that scalpers target are credit card entry only for Eric's shows now, so if you're on the floor, in the pit or the immediate side sections( or close to the stage) at all then most likely they're already in your pocket, I would def. contact a ticketmaster rep ASAP otherwise


I wish they made the Eric F@cking Church T-Shirt in bigger sizes like 3XL,4XL,and 5XL for Eric's larger fans that can't wear a XXL. Missing the boat on these sales I would pay 5 dollars more for the shirt in my size.


As I am voting for Eric on iheart I see the other artist listed with him and it disgust me. Anyone with me on this?


Got my tickets for The Wharf and I'm ready!!! Hurry up JUNE!!! This will be my second time to see The Outsiders tour and I'm just as pumped as the first time!!!

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Mar 3 11:23pm

Seeing him for second time this tour in may.. Just can't get enough. Would go more if I could too


Has anyone heard if Eric is releasing anything?


Can't wait to see the Outside Tour! So excited, been following Eric since 2006.


Can not wait to see the Outsiders tour concert!! I've been following Eric since


I have GA1 for Boston. I see the seating chart says the whole floor is GA but has anyone figured out what/if there is a difference between say GA1 and GA3?

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Mar 3 6:00pm

I asked that same question about the show in Ft. Wayne. Ticketmaster customer service told me there is no difference. That is just for inventory purposes. Whatever that means. LOL

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