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I am a struggling artist who can relate to Eric Church with every song. I love mustard on my fries and scuffed up cowboy boots. I moved to CA from TX to pursue my dreams of being a singer. My album comes out next January and I wish Eric Church could hear it!!!!


I feel like a child right now overwhelmed with excitement for tomorrow's show in NH. The more excited I get the less sleep I get. I got a problem that I'm perfectly ok with right now

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Oct 22 8:26pm

I've been listening to him all day. Soo sooo excited.

Oct 22 8:42pm

His music is like crack, listen to him all day everyday, it's become an unhealthy obsession XD

Oct 22 9:29pm

We're all in good company.... Sounds like a song!


Church at the BON!!! 12/12


Does anyone know when they will go on sale for Fan Club Members??? Finally a closer to home show here in Iowa!! Can't wait!!

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Oct 22 9:35pm

Like so yesterday girl!! Go get your promo code on your profile page and grab your tics. I think they go on sale tomorrow for the general public. Good luck!


Can't wait for Eric and crew to see the great Northwest and hear the IDAHO and Washington fans go wild!


What about Spokane WA on 1/29?

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Oct 22 5:09pm

I'm a VIP member . Trying to buy tickets for San Jose ca event . Where can I find my event code to buy pre sale tickets ?

Oct 22 6:43pm

When you log in and you are on the main page there is a "promo code" spot by your user name click that and you will get a code.


I think its pretty sad that anyone can just get the vip experience without a code for the Colorado Pepsi Center show. One of the perks of joining a fan club is the opportunity to buy vip/presale tickets. :(


Where are my fellow Choir members going to New Hampshire Verizon Wireless tomorrow night?? We are so excited in this house!!!!!

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Oct 22 11:04am

driving up from connecticut..last three times he played in new hampshire has been awesome..his exact words and i quote "this is one of,IF NOT,my favorite place to play in the whole wide world,so let me tell u what that means,i really dont give a s##t that its a sunday nite and u may have to work in the morning, but i by god came up here to party with each and everyone u ,so u live free or die a#s better drink up tonite!! and at the end of the show he said"thank you gilford for a magical nite we will soon not forget" i know this cause cause i was there and listen to the show weekly!!

Oct 22 1:48pm

I was there too man, it was one damn party I'll never forget, how did you get a copy of that night to listen too, I am highly interested in it, took my brother to see it before he left for college, I must own a copy and get him one too.

Oct 22 9:12pm

I was in Gilford. Best concert I have ever been to. Can't wait for Manchester! Have been waiting for a long time!

Oct 22 1:40pm

Leaving bright an early in the morning, cannot wait!!! :)

Oct 22 1:55pm

Drove by the verizon today on my way back from mass, no trucks there yet but one big ace of a jumbo sized poster on the venue front that way over shadows and grabs your attention over the lame-o Demi levatto or whatever her name is for tonight that's up there

Oct 22 1:56pm

@Ndcc55_cc email me at

Oct 22 2:08pm

Email sent was I supposed to use the colon at the front of your email?

Oct 22 3:37pm

We are going!!! cant wait, was so sad to have missed Gilford...had to work.. that sucked,,. but so excited for tomorrow!!

Oct 22 8:25pm

Woohoo!!! I'm so excited. :-)

Oct 22 9:16pm

Omg the excitement is killing me!!! It's Church-Mass Eve!!!!


Any possibility of purchasing Lucchese Boots through the Church Choir?

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Oct 22 5:41pm

yes, they said they will be sold in the choir store soon

Oct 22 6:04pm

They are beautiful, I purchased a pair at MSG/NYC VIP.

Oct 22 8:35pm

Do you mind me asking what the prices are like for a ladies pair? I'm hoping to get mine this weekend and don't want to have sticker shock. Also, do you actually get them at the time of purchase, or are they made to order? Thanks!!


Was anyone able to purchase any pit tickets in the presale? Or are there any available for this show? I clicked at 10am presale but was unable to choose that option!

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Oct 21 9:07pm

After about 10 min, it started offering GA floor seats

Oct 21 9:12pm

What?!? Seriously! That makes me so sad.. I thought early bird would get the worm! I did get seats but only because I thought GA was already sold out! :(

Oct 22 12:50pm

Will there even be some pit passes saved for Friday when they go on sale to the public?

Oct 22 1:58pm

There are allotted amounts for all the sales, so yes there will be, your best bet is to try if you can to make it to your selected venue that Friday bright n early n be in line before the lame duck scalpers are there and get em right at the box office, that's what I did for the NH show, was second in line n got pit tickets, also be advised pit will be CC entry only so if you have a group of 4 people and 4 tickets on your CC then you all have to be there in line together and enter as 1, good luck!

Oct 22 9:38pm

Call Ticketmaster - that happened to me, I called and they switched me with no problem. Got the PIT!!


Anybody have any Idea why there is no VIP available for San Diego show???

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Oct 22 9:30am

I don't believe they typically offer VIP in the smaller venues


Had my name in for a long time, got my VIP tickets for Ottawa.....#1 Canadian Fan!! Tried for other M&G's during CMA's and didn't win....I thinks this is the closest I am gonna get to seeing My FAVOURITE Artist for a while....unless EC decides to add dates close to my hometown of Corner Brook, NL.....please pick me!


It has been 2 weeks since they announced the refunds for the philly VIP cancellation. I still haven't received my refund. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Oct 22 5:55am

Haven't seen it yet. I assumed they meant 2 weeks from the day of the show but who knows. In the email there is a phone number and email address to contact CID.

Oct 22 7:31am

No sign of a credit on my card yet either.


This is going to be one HELLUVA, BAD ASS, NO HOLDS BARRED, WHISKEY DRINKING party!!!!


I'm a little disappointed. I assumed when I purchased the Eric Church Fan Club that I would be eligible for the meet and greet. However, they are saying they have no record of me purchasing this. I have my ticketmaster receipt and it clearly states I paid 19.99. This doesn't make any sense to me. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Oct 22 8:51am

you have to enter M&G on the tour site... but its over now. I didn't get accepted but maybe better luck another time.. cant wait for the show!


My wife and I have VIP Tickets for the Halloween night show in Memphis! We are super excited! We've registered for the Meet and Greet but wondered when we will be notified if we will get that opportunity? Will there be a notification sent out that we have or have not won the Meet and Greet? If I win, is my wife also allowed to attend? She LOVES Eric and is dying to meet him.

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Oct 21 5:55pm

Meet and greets are picked the week of the show. If you win, it's for one person only. Good luck!

Oct 22 5:04pm

is fresno having meet and greets?

Oct 21 6:07pm

You should get an email even if you are not selected. I've heard that the M&G is only for the fan club member, that was selected no guests allowed :(


OKC Tried to purchase Chior Presale today. No tickets left. Can buy them on Stub Hub today. What happened to Church Chior first? :( Chior member

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Oct 21 5:03pm

Can anyone verify that GA1 is pit? I couldn't get my receipt to print to confirm.

Oct 21 5:10pm

I tried and got in. My mistake..or bad timing. Either way.. SORRY CHURCH

Oct 21 5:54pm

There are lots of tickets left for OKC!

Oct 22 7:14am

I just looked this morning at 7:15am and pulled up 2 Pit tickets. Still plenty available looks like.

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