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Hey all when I bought my EC tickets back in April, I used a CC that has since been compromised and destroyed. How can I go about getting the tickets transferred to my new CC so I have no issues in getting into the show?


Hi! I am doing VIP on 10/10 in Cleveland with my soon to be husband (getting married the following week on 10/18) and am now concerned about VIP. I am fine with being in a mix or separate pit with other VIP fans, since we all paid a hefty amount - but I'm going to be really upset if the side pit stages are given to people at random vs those who paid the money to have a VIP experience. Has it been worth the VIP except for the two song set? What about the merchandise and the separate VIP concierge


I have a question, as many people are more than likely wondering, so will these boots that aren't even out yet only be available to purchase if you go to the VIP show while attending one of The Outsiders tour shows? At first I read it as though they aren't even out yet, but I didn't read it as you can only purchase them at the VIP show. But now people are commenting on and saying they believe they can ONLY be purchased at the VIP show, so technically if you've already attended a show VIP you don't even get a chance to purchase them if they come out after your show date. I know they aren't out but could you clarify for us if you must have VIP tix to purchase said boots:-) THANKS

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Committed my love of Eric Church to the flesh! Combined with my love of the NY Jets!
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First in line for the joint VIP! So excited!!!!

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Sep 16 3:16pm

This was wrong page


Has Halestorm been removed from the KC show??? They were on there not too long ago and now it's only showing DY.

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Sep 16 1:01pm

They will be there.


9 more days til the Louisville show! GA Pit tickets. Crossing fingers for a Meet&Greet and to be chosen for the insider pit. Sure would make our 8th wedding anniversary grand! We've conceived a couple babies following Chief concerts haha! We are young, concert junkies...but we know who puts on THE BEST show! We may be 30&33 with 5 kids, but we know how to party! Now if I can just talk the hubby into letting me purchase some for another show with Halestorm. I REALLY don't want to miss a Lzzy Hale duet! Priorities.


I called CID. They said they are working with EC management, & venues on getting things corrected!! I so hope by Des Moines Show! I called Administration at Wells Fargo to make sure the communication was going on what was suppose to happen. CID admitted there was a failure in St. L Show with assigned area on floor after VIP!

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Sep 16 11:34am

You are a trooper! Good work!

Sep 16 11:43am

They say anything for Minnesota?

Sep 16 12:12pm

So I wonder if they will do anything for the St Louis VIPs to make it right?

Sep 16 1:24pm

I am hoping they do it for tonight in Minneapolis. At least it should be corrected by the time we go to the Sioux Falls, SD show in December

Sep 16 1:57pm

I so hope they get this organized before Des Moines!! I will be looking for feedback after tonights Minneapolis show to see how VIP was handled..I'm not sure what they will do about St. Lous, sure not fair for anyone who has bought VIP


I lost the paper that showed the website to get the pic of us at the meet and greet in St. louis. Does anyone know how to get there?

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Sep 16 10:40am


Getting super ready to see Eric for the 2nd time this year in Omaha!!!

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Sep 16 11:03am

Same here got the VIP for this one. Still wish I could get a meet and greet. Tried a few times but wasn't able to get it.


I know there's a 360degree set up, but now I'm nervous about where my seats are in proximity to the stage. I'll be at the Philly show in Oct., and was wondering if the setup is more of a 'center stage' instead of the end stage I thought it was. Any insight or seating charts would be awesome. Thank you, guys!

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Sep 16 8:33am

It is an end stage, but the stage is large and the two thrusts that come off bring Eric almost out into the center of the arena floor.

Sep 16 9:28am

That's fantastic news, thank you!

Sep 16 9:58am

Is there a part of the stage he is at more than others? I'm GA and wondering where the best spot would be?

Sep 16 10:21am

Dead center on the rail. See earlier pic I posted from STL. He's around there about 75% of the time. Can't get a hand on him though. If you want that go down by the end of one of the thrusts.

Sep 16 10:50am

He mentioned they "chose" people to put in those pit cutouts? I am GA Pit. ..and I really want in one of those!

Sep 16 12:54pm

The view from the insider pit may present problems if you are short and you do happen to get in there.


Chief Cares platinum Seats -Check Suite at the hotel-check EXCITED AS HELL- CHECK _CHECK_ CHECK might start drinking tomorrow? Oh wait I have a actual career.. Damn it!!

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No Meet and Greet, but so excited for the concert tomorrow. Great way to celebrate our anniversary. Hope to get selected for one of the pit areas.
Sep 15 10:23pm

You will LOVE IT !!!!


Hi everyone. I got the VIP upgrade for Des Moines. My seats are on the floor general admission and I'm seeing a lot of complaints about seats after the vip. So is the vip worth it or should I skip it and try and get good seats. Thanks and can't wait for the show!

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Sep 15 10:56pm

I'm not sure either. I have VIP. I called CID before I bought them. They said VIP was suppose to have an assigned area on the floor after the VIP..I would of never bought VIP on floor if I didn't have an assigned spot

Sep 16 5:11am

I did VIP in STL Sat and there was NO designated area on the floor for VIP ticket holders. I hear they are working on fixing this issue but doesn't really help those who already had their show. We had to stand in back by the sound booth

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