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Did EC release anything for Record Store Day this year?


Hi, I have seen a few pictures of the "Funny how a melody sounds like a memory" shirt for women. I did not see it available at the concert in Denver. Will it be available online?




Phenomenal singer, songwriter, and entertainer Eric returns to his fans for the ACM Awards Show in Dallas, Texas. Of course, it wouldn't be an awards show without the Chief and his gift of music. Eric has covenant and achieved so many accolades throughout his career, that makes Eric a deserving recipient in all categories of music. Texas is wishing Eric and his family all the best come Sunday night. My family is watching the 50th ACM's because Eric will be performing and is nominated as well. Eric will be gracing the stage with his talent and swagger guaranteed to be captivating. Wishing Eric continuing success throughout his journey. Fans For Life!!!
-Love From Houston Texas, Donna and Kord!!!


This may sound ridiculous, but I am getting married in Saint Lucia - Sandals La Toc - in June and am throwing out an open invite to you and yours to attend. I realize you have a new addition to the family - CONGRATS - and a somewhat busy schedule, but the ceremony is June 3rd. (Looks like you have an opening in your schedule). My fiancee and I have a 7-month old boy we will be leaving behind for the first time for this trip. We have a deep sea fishing trip on June 1st as well - be my treat to have you attend. I saw the Blood, Sweat & Tears show in Reno, NV a couple years ago with Kip & Justin Moore and am a huge fan. I know it won't happen, but it would be awesome to have you sing a song at my wedding. I will bring a bottle of single barrel just in case.


any truth to the April 30th show being moved or canceled because the venue overbooked on that date and scheduled a possible playoff basketball game

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Apr 18 8:54am

T.D Garden confirmed Friday that if the Celtics go to game 6, the concert would be moved to that Sunday, May 3rd.

Apr 18 8:55am

It's on the Facebook page. They won't know until April 26th-28th.

Apr 18 1:57pm

TD Garden Sports Venue & Stadium · 124,952 Likes · 22 hrs · .. TD GARDEN EVENT UPDATE: With the release of the finalized NBA Playoff schedule, we want to notify fans that the Eric Church concert on April 30th would be rescheduled to May 3rd in the event of a Celtics Game 6 at TD Garden. Concertgoers will receive notification between April 26-28, depending on game outcomes. We apologize to Eric Church fans for this potential inconvenience and wish the Celtics the best of luck in the series.


Just wanted say myself and my new fiancé really enjoyed your show in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.
During your performance of Springsteen I decided to embrace the meaning of the song and drop on one knee and ask my gf to be my wife.
Now this song is forever apart of our lives!


I have two general admission pit tickets for Eric at the Great Jones County Fair- I am unable to go and I only want to sell hem for exactly what I paid! Please email me if you are interested.


My friend got some great shots from last night's show in Seattle. We were right up front!! My life is complete. :)

See if you can access the pics from this link to the album on facebook....let me know if it doesn't work and I'll post separately.

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Apr 16 7:53pm

I can't open it. Maybe try to change the settings on the album to make it available to public viewing.

Apr 17 6:34pm is set to public. I know when I first tried it I didn't see the pics at first....looks like it worked for gd_grls_nvr_mis_church? :(

Apr 17 8:36pm

Awesome! Thanks!

Apr 16 8:19pm

I was able to see them thanks for sharing!

Apr 17 6:33pm

Yay!! You're so welcome! :)


I still can't believe no entertainer of the year nod.


Garth Brooks? Saw him in concert years ago. Refused this year.

What effort am I gonna get from someone doing 2 full shows in the same nite, 4 nites in a row?? Is that for the fans?

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Apr 16 7:25pm

I agree Eric should've been nominated, but Garth puts on one hell of a show. He gives it all he's got for both shows each night and doesn't let up. Take a show in for yourself if you don't believe me,but Garth definitely still has it.

Apr 16 8:11pm

Whoa, don't knock a legend down, yes I agree Eric should be nominated, but it is what it is, an honestly Garth show was so beyond amazing when I saw him last year, to know that he is the age he is and to run around on stage every night and give his all to his fans, I'm just in an awe, espically if he does two shows in one night, agian that is something special he did for his fans who wanted to see him in the town he went to, he made sure everyone gets tickets to see his show, he didn't have to do that, nor the other million things he does for his fans. I honestly hope that Garth gets the win this year, but then again to me everyone is a winner in one way or another, to me getting a award like that doesn't prove to me anything, other then it's just a award.


What happens if the Celtics go 6 games? Last I heard that the NBA has a contract that gives the Garden the right to play game 6 and move the concert on April 30th. Say it ain't so.

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Apr 17 7:06pm

Go Cavs! LeBron & Co. will save the day. I'm sure that's a double edge sword for you though. although it is Cleveland. There's a saying in Cleveland, OIC Only in Cleveland. Things happen to teams yearly that makes Cleveland fans say that in all sports. Enjoy the show whenever you see.


What happens if the Celtics/Cavs series goes 6 games? The 6th game is scheduled to be in Boston on 4/30 - the day of the concert!

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Apr 16 6:19pm

dont worry the celtics suck they will lucky to make the series go to 5 games


I bought tikets for eight of us to go see church(my favourite country star) and as soon as he came on some big guy stormed the crowd ran me over and got me kicked out. Cant express how let down i am.

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Apr 16 12:24pm

Come to victoria bc please eric


This is the shirt that's on sale for the ACM bundle. Does anyone own this shirt? Just trying to figure out sizing. A lot of his shirts say "runs 1 size small", etc. Thanks!

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Apr 16 7:27pm

Womens shirts run small. Mens are pretty much true to size.

Apr 17 8:12am

I own this shirt and I think it is true to size. I ordered this shirt in a Medium and I think I could have actually gone with a small beings this isn't 100% cotton.


Mind blowing. Great stage set up and lights. Amazing rotations, energy and sound. Come back soon please.

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Apr 16 12:27pm

Vome to victoria rogers arena is a joke. Got run over buy some big dude in the crowd then they grabed him tossed him out and then said i have to go to. Love eric church will not go back to rogers arena. At blake shelton my brother inlaw got kicked out and they choked my wife. BOYCOTT ROGERS ARENA come to victoria


I have pit tickets bit noticed they are selling them as pit A, B, C. Will that affect my location in the pit or is it only for ticketing purposes?

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Apr 16 7:27pm

Solely for inventory purposes.


A BIG thank you to Eric and the band for the outstanding show that they played in Vancouver. Full of energy and great connections with all of the fans. Cannot wait till next time.

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Apr 16 2:28am

Word. It's like he should live here. Inside his songs and in the moment.

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