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Just saw EC in Omaha this past week and decided to get tickets for my son's 9 year birthday in KC on Dec. 5. Excited for him to finally see one of his favorite artists in concert! Would be the perfect birthday gift if he would meet him....


That was awesome! So glad I caught this on live streaming. Love that he played from 3 albums. Cannot wait for KC in December!


This is probably one of the best videos Ive ever taken at a concert. Thought I would share here, please feel free to share anywhere too!

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Sep 20 9:34pm

That is GREAT!! Soooo excited to see him this week in Charleston!! Thanks for the video!

Sep 20 10:14pm

You;re welcome!!!

Sep 20 10:20pm

Great video seen u have a lot of keith urban too tickets for country life music fest just went on sale keith is headlining sat if interested hit me up ill get u the info, thanx for shareing!


Festival is streaming on yahoo live app. I left vegas today and tried like hell to stay but couldn't. My wife even won tickets to the entire festival. I gave tonight's tickets to a guy getting off his plane, just him and his wife, and a I love country music shirt. Chive on


Slingshot- angel reels you in, then shoots you to heaven.


I have been waiting!! Madison Square Garden, Philadelphia, Mohegan Sun - TWICE! and home to Oklahoma. Five shows in less than three weeks. Introducing three people to Eric, seeing him with five people who have never seen him before and seeing him with my favorite people. I CANT WAIT!!

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Sep 20 2:36pm

I am so jealous, it's not even funny!! I'm going to Kansas City but not till December :-( However, KC will be my 4th time seeing EC since January!

Sep 20 7:37pm

sounds like a great month!


People will post anything to win Meet and Greet. A 2 year old can sing every song come on give me a break. I am 65 years old and don't think I could do that. God has a plan for everything and it is not using your kids.

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Sep 20 7:40pm

congrats on being a fan but please don't knock the next gen coming up, I have not posted any video of my kids singing church but they do it and it makes me smile! negativity ruins life!

Sep 20 7:51pm

You are a very good parent not using your kids for self gain. But a 2 year old knowing and singing every song? That would be all over you tube. Maybe your 1 of your kids could be the next super star with the proper support'

Sep 21 12:55am

Well said, smthurm34. Johncantwell is just a suck-up..


Our 2 year old hendrix has sung all your songs sinners like me to outsiders since he could hum no lie. Pregnant with him living in granite falls and now pay check to pay check my husband and I fan since bar shows in boone and can't afford tax to Greensboro show...son callsyou "oak" which we stick with aibcw your words set like a hard oak. Please we would love for our son to meet hia idol and if shyness didnt gwt him he would along. Would love for an early bday gift for him. Thank you Eric.

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Sep 19 8:10pm

He decided to text in middle apologize for mispell : )


Here's a video of Carolina from the show in STL.

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Sep 19 11:36pm

1 week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 20 5:42am

October 17th.. We have VIP/Pit tix and I am beyond excited... Love him!


6 days and finally THE CHIEF will be at the yum center.


I have lost my koozie and am lost without it!!! If anyone has one that they would sell to me, name your price and its done. It is the 2012 camo koozie that says Eric Fu King Church. I looked in the store and I guess it has been discontinued. A lot of people probably think this post is dumb, but, I collect the koozies from every concert I go to. Just want to replace the one I lost. Any help in finding one would be greatly appreciated :)

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Sep 19 1:32pm

I know the feeling I collect Koozies from every concert I go to also:-) Good Luck I hope your able to find one


Took my daughter who is 9 to your concert. Her first ever. Your passion and intensity was what made it monumental in my daughter's love for PURE AND TRUE COUNTRY! THANK YOU. BEST CONCERT EVER!


Seeing EC on Oct 17th at MSG. Have VIP tix but also entered for Meet & Greet. When do they announce if you got picked?

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Sep 19 1:42pm

You will receive an email about 3 days before show if you were selected for Meet & Greet!

Sep 19 2:32pm

Ok. thanks.. Fingers crossed!


Thanks Choir for sharing all of your awesome pictures!!! Oct. 10th can't get here fast enough...So EXCITED!!!

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Sep 19 9:50am

Greensboro after party?

Sep 19 1:48pm

yes, I second that!


The Show in Omaha was damn good. I can't wait for KC in DEC. I hope to hear How 'Bout You and Like Jesus Does at this show. Thanks EC for a putting on a show with the fans in mind!

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Sep 19 9:20am

He did How 'Bout You at STL and it was the fan pick so he won't do it again on his tour.

Sep 19 1:49pm

TG he has a lot of good songs!!


Ok, just wondering who all is attending Louisville?? I'm so excited! It would be so awesome to meet up with some fellow church choir members! I'm traveling 4 hours to get there and staying in a hotel...I just wanna make the most of this trip since I've been planning it since this tour was announced. I know it's just going to be completely awesome.

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Sep 19 1:22pm

I'll be there, I'm so excited!!!!! Only 6 more days!!!!!

Sep 19 1:33pm

I will be there Jamie:-)

Sep 19 1:38pm

I'm so pumped it's all I can think about! LOL Hopefully we will see ya there! I'm in section 118 right on the side of the stage.

Sep 19 3:19pm

I will be there section 120 front row of the Choir Loft...........not too far from you Jaime!!!

Sep 19 4:17pm

I'll be there too! Driving from Chicago to see Church, then heading to Nashville!

Sep 19 4:47pm

I will be there. Counting the days and hours until it is here


I order 2 set of tickets for a show in October, and i accidentally deleted the email receipt, and now I can't tell my friends where there seats are. what can i do to get a new receipt?

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Sep 19 8:02am

Did you order through Ticketmaster? You should be able to go into your account on the Ticketmaster website and print a receipt.


looking to get a churh choir group together for Peoria il 11-21 if your going would like a big group of church choir members together in the pit like add your sectionmesage me lets dominate front row!

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Sep 18 9:50pm

I will be there No VIP for me! Saw it from the side pit now Id like to see it from the front :)

Sep 18 10:57pm

johncantwell77_cc- I just spent some time looking at a lot of your posts.. You've posted some cool shit.. It appears that you are from central Illinois like me? I like you idea about getting a group together for Peoria.

Sep 18 11:10pm

johncantwell77_cc- Alright I just went and bought Pit tickets for Peoria. was on fence because we have Platinum seats with VIP upgrade for Evansville- but I'm in for Peoria now too. Wife and I are both choir members. What you got in mind?

Sep 19 7:56am

Since I read that this is one of 2 venues that has GA pit I will be first in line in line so we will just have to group together for sure . I did have an amazing experience last weekend meeting him was the highlight I just wished I hadnt

Sep 19 7:59am

lost my voice and clammed up. He was so strikingly handsome. I will talk the next time around. Yeah it would be fun to get a group together so let me know what you have in mind?

Sep 19 8:34am

I will be in Peoria in the pit!

Sep 19 9:46am

me and my wife are planning on getting there early 2-or 3 pm to ensure front spots in the pit any 1 wanting to meet up are welcome to join us, she plans on making a poster.

Sep 19 10:31am

Okay sounds great we will look for you and your wife there , Cant wait to go again , Yep Im a EC junkie !!! Hey that would be a great song LOL

Sep 19 1:55pm

Have a great time!!! I have to wait till Oct 23.... :)

Sep 20 2:44am

I have pit for Peoria as well. Can't wait.

Sep 20 10:00am

ok looks like we got a good group of choir pit members for this show still got almost 2 months till show date so will try to nail down specifics before show date and jan we expect a pic or 2 your show is b4 ours!

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