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I need 2 tickets for a Father's Day gift!


Looking to buy 2 ticket for orange beach June 12th. Email


I see some presales are already going on for the 2016 CMA Fest. I hope to go next year and also hope there is a 2016 Fan Club Party, too. Driving 14 hours to Nashville this
year for the two acoustic shows at the Ascend Amphitheater for my birthday! BEST birthday present, ever! 3 Eric Church shows in 7 days! Doesn't get better than that! A meet and greet would be icing on the cake! (no pun intended) Can't wait!


Last night was AWESOME, cant decide which show was better. both were amazing in there own way. hope salt lake fans didn't disappoint the second time around. Both shows are in my top 10 of all time! Thank You Eric Church Your Awesome! till next time Thank You!


Was it at the Cordell as well?

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May 26 6:09pm

No it was at Marathon Village.


Will they have VIP and is their a way to purchase some boots at Orange beach Alabama on June 12th?

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May 26 12:36pm

On the tour tab, at that venue, it would have a VIP option by the tickets and meet and greet tabs. This one doesn't, so there is no VIP and you can only buy the boots at VIP. I feel your disappointment, but it will be an awesome concert. Have a great time, and I hope you can do VIP someday! :)

May 27 2:50pm

The VIP program is over for the time being. If you are coming to CMA fest you will have a chance to purchase boots at the pop up shop!


I would do just about ANYTHING to get selected for the Meet and Greet on Saturday, May 30th at Heinz Field!!

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May 26 2:56pm

Seeing Eric Church in concert has been at the top of my Bucket List for some time now. I am about to cross that one off on May 30th!!!!! Mr. Church, you are a genuine, true to yourself and true to your fans class act! I will be updating my bucket list and #1 is to meet Eric Church at a meet and greet before a show! What can I say,... I'm a "go big or go home" kinda girl! Can't wait until the 30th!!!!

May 27 4:34pm

EC - rain is in the forecast for this Saturday. If it storms like it did in June of 2013 at Crew Stadium in Cbus ... tell Kenny to shorten his show and play before you, and you close it down past curfew!!! ... Can't wait for Pitt


I went to the first outsiders tour in Vegas at the Chelsea April '14, saw Denver jan '15, got mile High from the drink a little drink and smoke a little smoke night, followed by the sick solo show in Salt Lake. Finally got to see the last Outsiders show tonight, Memorial Day, make up day, four times in 13 months and a different and unique show each time. Eric Church, enough said.


Cant wait for the concert at black diamond Harley Davidson. Hoping weather is nice so can ride my Harley down for the show.

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May 25 8:57pm

Have a wonderful time and stay safe. :)


Did Eric and Marty Stuart play a duet at the ACM show? I know it was scheduled but not shown on the televised show. I just assumed Stuart had cancelled due to the death in his family that week.

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May 25 8:39pm

I dont know about that show but he is playing with marty at his late nite jam!!

May 25 8:44pm

Already have my tickets :-). There was a photo with the rolling stones article about the late night jam that seemed to be from the duet concert. I am furious if they edited them out of the televised show, iheartradio took Eric's segment out of the televised show last year so I am hoping this isn't a trend.

May 25 8:51pm

I don't believe they did, I heard here that it was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. I didn't know about a death in the family of Marty. Sometimes, things just become to much. They are getting back together for the Jam again though. That's awesome! :)

May 26 8:26pm

Thanks :-) I can't wait!

May 27 2:51pm

Marty and Eric had to cancel their ACM performance due to weather.

May 27 3:33pm

Thank you for clearing that up. I was disappointed when they were missing from the show, but I am a firm believer that safety should always come first.


Tonight's show SLC..can't wait..seeing the man tonight, feeling blessed!


Most amazing display of talent I've ever seen!! This concert was worth every penny and then some. I hope he adds Montana as a regular stop on his tour. He sang for 3 hours and didn't take a single break. He and his band are the real deal. Talented doesn't even begin to describe it. Thank you for a night I'll never forget!


Real curious about the security at this show .... Never have been wanded in to a concert before and police and venue workers told me they never have done it here either .. What the heck was that about ??.. Still upset about not being allowed a camera in. Venue said if you bring it it may be taken etc.... I don't have a camera cel phone and couldn't afford to risk losing my camera so no pics for me... although I did see a few that got their cameras in.... Floor seating was not monitored so very crowded and uncomfortable early in the show.... A bit disappointed in the whole experience but glad to have gotten there.

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May 24 9:59pm

I was at that show, I have never been wanded before a show either. They did allow my pocket camera and you are right, there was no monitoring and several people crowded to the front which is unfair for those of us that had purchased tickets to be in the front. I wasn't bothered that much by it until I couldn't get through the crowd to get to my seat. Great concert! I will post a few more of the pictures I got and you can save them.

May 25 8:57pm



Only 5 weeks to go until my first show of 2015 and I can't wait! It will be show #18! How many shows have you been to? Choir member for 9 years!

My Eric Church Shows

1- July 16, 2006 - Rochester MN Down By The Riverside

2- July 28, 2007 - Maplewood MN Myth - Harley Davison Ride to Benefit Juvenile Diabetes - 50 people

3- May 23, 2008 - Clear Lake IA Surf Ballroom

4- June 17, 2008 - Eau Claire WI Country Jam

5- Aug 31, 2008 - Aredale IA Aredale Park - Benefit for flood victims, surrounded by corn fields, high school kids opened the show

6- Aug 30, 2009 Minneapolis MN Cabooze - Eric broke his foot stomping so hard at this show!

7- March 25, 2010 Minneapolis MN State Theatre

8- August 21, 2010 Beaver Dam WI Dodge County Fair

9- May 17, 2012 Minneapolis MN State Theater - VIP

10- Sept. 27, 2012 Mankato MN Verizon Wireless Center - VIP

12- July 28, 2012 Guthrie Center IA Guthrie's River Ruckus

13- August 3, 2012 Prairie Du Chein WI Country on the River

14- Oct. 26, 2012 Fairfax VA Patriot Center

15- Sept 16, 2014 Minneapolis MN Target Center - VIP

16- Sept 17, 2014 Des Moines IA Wells Fargo Arena - VIP

17- Dec. 6, 2014 Sioux Falls, SD Denny Sanford Center - VIP Eric slammed my mini Jack D bottle at VIP!

**Shows coming up - (can't wait!)**

18- June 27, 2015 Des Moines IA RIver Bank Bash - VIP

19- June 25, 2015 Eau Claire WI Country Jam - SKYBOX seats ; sitting on the stage!

20- July 30, 2015 Nashville TN Ascend Amphitheater - inaugeral show

21- July 31, 2014 Nashville TN Ascend Amphitheater


Wow thank you Eric Church!! He kicked ass tonight in Bozeman it was incredible! He played a total of 29 songs! After Springsteen he and the band started to walk off the stage, but then he came back on the stage by himself and did an encore of A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young!! It was hands down the best concert in the history of ever! I waited outside in the rain for 12 hours to see Eric Church, and it was 110% worth it! It was the best night of my entire life, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! He is an incredibley talented guy, and knows how to put on one hell of a show!!He is and always will be my favorite artist. I am a die hard fan for life!❤️❤️

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May 24 10:45am

Sounds like a great time. 29 songs is great! Can't wait for our first show of 2015 in June!


A buddy and I drove down from Calgary, Alberta for the Bozeman show. We are just having a couple beers right now. Any one looking to hang out before the concert for a couple drinks? Look for us at the concert on the floor - wearing bright orange and blue YEE YEE t-shirts. We wear them to every concert we go to!


Have you ever thought about teaming up your tour with Gary Alan for some future shows? I think he'd provide a great vibe to be an opener!

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May 23 10:34am

I have thought the same thing. Those two together...epic


Forgive me for all the sins I have done....tomorrow night I'm taking my ASS to CHURCH..Bozeman MT I'm ready

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