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When will they announce who won meet and greets??? I wanna meet Eric so bad, and I have awesome outfit!!!!

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Jun 26 5:46am

I'm waiting, too! Probably not until they find a site for the concert!


Eric, I don't know how much you read this or if at all but I think it would be awesome if you played some stuff in philly from the "Sinners like me" album and "Carolina" Album! Such as.. "2 Pink Lines" "Livin' Part of life" "What I almost was" "Longer Gone". Hope some of those are possible! Regardless, I can't wait to see you in philly! Thank you for signing my boot in DC! Hope I get a Meet and greet for philly!!

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Jun 21 10:06pm

He reads and listens. Have a great time! :)


Can not wait until CBMF on July 10th. Have been dairy farming full out since March - no days off but I have booked July 10th with friends to see Eric on PEI! I don't care if the weather is great and I should be home making hay - the cows and work will have to wait - I will have a drink in my hand, my sunglasses on and my toe nails painted pink! Look out Outsiders!


Will there be a meet in greet at the cavendish beach music festival?? if so i need to meet eric! I was supposed to see him in Ottawa but got really sick and had to cancel the trip... This is a once in a lifetime kinda expericence for me!


My husband and I have been married 35 years and have never been to a concert together before. I was pretty excited when he wanted to go see erick church. Last week we almost gave our tickets away because we didnt think we would be able to go because I have been taking care of my mom for the last 4 months who was on hospice. We were told 2 months in feb.and she passed june 14,2015. I love and miss u mom. This concert is for u since u always told me to go take care of my husband and have fun. On our way now. Cant wait!!!

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Jun 21 10:03pm

Condolences on your loss, it is very hard. I'm glad you and your husband went and I'm sure your Mom is very happy! :)


Is there going to be a meet and greet for either show in Austin?

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Jun 21 12:05am

I'm wondering the same thing about the 4th. What other show is he doing in Austin?

Jun 21 7:41am

It's called Outlaw: Celebrating the music of Waylon Jennings


Are they having a meet and greet in Marion, IL? I've been pacing the floors, waiting for an email today and I haven't received anything and it's still processing. Please give me some info. I'm dying to know.

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Jun 19 7:35pm

I agree... I've been watching for days!! I didn't think they had the link if they didn't. This is so mean!!! Lol

Jun 19 7:37pm

I agree. I hope they're just running late or waiting for the morning? Idk I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!!

Jun 19 8:21pm

Meet and Greets have been picked and emailed out.

Jun 19 8:54pm

@EricChurchHQ Mine still says processing! Is there any way you can check on mine?!

Jun 19 11:14pm

I got picked!!!!! Dream come true!


Who's ready to party this weekend in Marion for the concert!!! Get ready southern illinois the chief is coming!

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Jun 19 7:19pm

I'm ready!!! I can't wait.


I was wondering if you all have ever considered, giving us the option to order a copy of our m&g picture online. I really love being able to download it and save it to my phone and stuff. But I find that the quality of the picture just isn't as good when trying to print the picture. I know some artist have the option to save the picture for free like Eric does but then you can also order them through the fan club as well. I wouldn't think it would cost that much to print the pictures and shipping on a picture wouldn't be very much either. I am not complaining b/c I am Happy to have just had the opportunity to meet Eric but I would Love to be able to print my picture and it be clear. Unfortunately after you save it and then upload it to print it takes away from the quality of the picture even if it is clear to start with. Just wondering if you have considered it, I know that I am not the only ones who has said when they print their picture it isn't as clear as it looks online. Thanks

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Jun 19 6:15pm

That would be very cool,but for my meet and greet photo,both were blurry and lighter in exposure unlike all the other ones in the group

Jun 19 8:22pm

email us at with the photo number (ex: IMG_1234) and we will send you the high res copy


Anybody know if there was a poster for the Orange Beach show last week??

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Jun 19 8:23pm

There was not

Jun 20 12:45am

Thanks for the info, ECHQ..


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Eric & team for the amazing time at the Church Choir Party. I had so much fun seeing Eric and meeting other Church Choir Fans. And to top it off, we got to go to LP that night and see Eric again!!

THANK YOU and see you Saturday in Marion, IL!!

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Jun 19 8:23pm

You're welcome! Thanks for coming. We had fun too.


I was just curious to see if anything has been sent out regarding the meet & greet passes? Thanks.

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Jun 18 9:16am

Are you talking about the Marion, IL show? I am yet to hear anything either. Typically it is within three days of the show but they must be running behind on this one.

Jun 18 9:36am

Yes I am talking about the Marion, IL show. Thanks for letting me know something I thought I had seen somewhere that we would get an email the week before. I was just curious since I hadn't received anything yet and its 2 days till the concert. Thanks again.

Jun 18 9:39am

Maybe EricChurchHQ could weigh in?

Jun 19 8:24pm

Sorry! The emails have just been sent out.

Jun 18 6:16pm

I've been checking everyday too!!!

Jun 18 7:15pm

Can you post if you got a meet and greet for Marion IL? I'd love to know how many were selected. I am assuming the same amount will be selected for Des Moines next week? (Hopefully me!)

Jun 18 9:34pm

I'm waiting too, hopefully its tomorrow!

Jun 19 9:28am

Still nothing...:(

Jun 19 1:40pm

Has anyone heard anything yet about meet & greet?

Jun 19 3:33pm

Nothing yet..I've been checking mine everyday.

Jun 19 4:58pm

Killing me not knowing too :(

Jun 19 9:45pm

Got my email. Not accepted! 😢


I ordered a pair of boots in January in Nashville, I received them in April. The problem was the boots that I tried on at the VIP were Not the Hell on the Heart ones, but another pair since they didn't have them for trying on a this concert. Long story short the ones I tried on fit perfect on my leg. However fast forward 4 months I get my Hell on the Heart boots and the wont zip after measuring they are two inches to short, but the ones that I tired on at the concert fit perfectly, but they also didn't zip. I just received the ones that remade for me, same thing. I have no idea what to do, but I cant just cut off 3 inches of my muscles on my legs to make the boots fit, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I love the boots!! and want to wear them but I cant with them not zipping. Someone help, I haven't emailed them yet since this is round two I thought I would ask for suggestions. Thanks.

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Jun 18 3:18pm

at the fan club party this past Sunday I noticed that the boots that people were trying on weren't the same boots that they would be purchasing. A girl was wanting the Wrecking ball boots (the short ones) and the boot she tried on were tall boots. I guess with those it wouldn't really matter but if you have a larger calves then you want to try on a boot that is going to be the same as the boot you are going to get. All boots are different my husband ordered me a pair of boots (not Eric's) for our anniversary and he ordered a 6 1/2 b/c that is what my other boots are but b/c of the style and shape I actually needed a 7 1/2 but I can fit in a pair of my friends boots that are a 5 in kids its crazy how big of a difference they can be. Good Luck

Jun 19 8:25pm

We will be glad to help. Email "" and they will help you with your issue.

Jun 22 11:39pm

Thank yall so much, they were such a big help! HQ

Jun 24 11:35am

I also had problems zipping my Hell on the Heart boots. I was able to stretch them enough just by wearing them that I can now zip them.


Hey there - just trying to find the meet & greet photos from the Church Choir party during CMA Fest. Help! Thanks!

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Jun 17 3:56pm

Go to the MEDIA tab at the top of the screen and then Meet & Greet Photos.


I just heard halestorm is opening for Eric at ascend theater on Thursday night if so this needs to happen Friday too I had Thursday night tickets and you refunded cause Friday was simpler for me to attend. So know I'm gonna be heartbroken if this is true can u confirm

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Jun 19 8:27pm

Songkick had this listed by mistake. It's not been corrected.

Jun 21 8:26am

Going to Nashville in Sept. Is there a way of knowing what Eric Church will be up too then, shows, meet and greet ?! Ty!😉


I'm surprising my husband with Eric Church concert July11 show for his birthday..I signed us both up for meeting & greet would be awesome if we both got to meet him together but I really want him to ...Eric is the only concert he will go to ..we've gone to at least a dozen he shook his has in DC by the stage and that's all he talks about....hope my tuff farmer guy gets to meet him in person!!!


It has taken me three days to get on here and say this.....But....... I want to say Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart for chosing me to attend the Choir Party....And then to boot.......I win a pair of BOOTS!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!! This whole Tour has been a Dream come true of me..... I Love ERIC CHURCH!!!! I Love all he stands for in the Music Industry!!!!! I Love who he is as a Person and all the Good he stands for..... He treats people with Full Respect..... You feel like your the Star when your talking to him.... So much happened that day I forgot to tell him some very important things such as...... Congrats on Beautiful Baby Hawk....Congrats to Boone becoming a Big Brother and being the inspiration behind my Latest EPIC SONG.....Never Ever change one bit ERIC......Love the person you are!!!!!! My next Big Dream..... Would Love to meet when I receive my Boots and have them signed by the Man Himself....... ERIC CHURCH!!!!!!! See you July 11 in Philly!!!!!!!:)

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Jun 17 10:34am

That was a very cool moment for you! I bet you're still on a high from it all!

Jun 17 3:17pm

So happy for you! I saw you win the boots at the fc party - glad it was someone who was excited to win!! I'll be in Philly on 7/11 too. Go Chief!

Jun 17 7:04pm

Wow. How exciting and amazing! Everything you said about him is so very true, every sense of the word, good for you on winning the boots! Wow. Rock on fellow church choir members!

Jun 18 9:51am

So happy you won! What a perfect day!!

Jun 18 7:19pm

What a great time you had. I must get to a fan club party sometime!

Jun 19 8:28pm



I was chosen for the Choir Party. It was my first meet and greet and had a great time. Thanks to Eric for doing it and all those who worked hard to make this event happen.

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