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Best guest picker yet!!!
Sep 20 2:47pm

Eric was awesome ! Very knowledgeable and funny. Great to see him laughing and that wonderful smile of his you can tell he can be full of mischief when he wants to be.

Sep 20 4:46pm

He made his GameDay entrance from a truck a friend and I built, and signed it: check it out here:

Sep 20 6:17pm

Very cool!

Sep 26 10:01am

that's cool but the other guys were impressed on his football knowledge


Somebody's surely got to know!! Which bar on the strip in T Town is he gonna be popping in and playing tonight???


Can anyone confirm if Eric will be the guest picker tomorrow in Tuscaloosa?

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Sep 18 7:37pm

I just read on CBS local that ERIC is playing in the morning on ESPN College Gameday

Sep 19 11:36am

I missed the Gameday with Eric as guest picker is there anywhere I can find it and was it online ?

Sep 19 11:37am

Watch it online

Sep 19 1:01pm

I am so bummed I missed Erich on ESPN!! I tried finding it online but couldn't. I'd love to see it too!

Sep 20 4:44pm

Here's the video. He actually made his entrance from an Alabama tailgating truck a friend and I built:


My Church Choir Renewal Membership just renewed for $19.95 other than access to the site and pre-sales does the membership come with anything like a tshirt etc? Just curious first renewal for me?

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Sep 17 12:49pm

Shouldn't come within anything at that rate that's just a standard membership for a year.

Sep 17 1:28pm

Hmm didn't give me option for anything just auto renewed. It says premium membership just didn't know :)

Sep 21 3:06pm

Premium memberships renew at the lower rate because assume you don't want the CD and the t-shirt again.


I would be sooo disappointed if Eric Church doesn't win!!! How long has MY HOMEBOY been dropping notes? I have SMOKED A LITTLE SMOKE, been to TALLADEGA,drank a COLD ONE or two. Some GUYS LIKE ME have RAISED EM UP a youngun or two. Took a ROLLER COASTER RIDE with JACK DANIELS was HUNGOVER & HARD UP smoked THE JOINT with some SINNERS LIKE ME! went to CAROLINA to listen to a little COUNTRY MUSIC JESUS. Please Vote Eric in I would appreciate HOW BOUT YOU?


Music should make you feel something. If it doesn't, it isn't good. Eric's music always brings back something or generates new feelings for something that already exists. I love that. Concerts make the best memories and I go to as many as I can.


Eric, my husband just returned from his 4th deployment to Iraq. He hasn't always been a country music fan like me. It wasn't until he started to listen to songs and understood just how patriotic country singers/bands/fans were and are! He fell in love with Homeboy and I always tell him how much the lyrics to I Love Your Love The Most reminds me of our marriage! But Wrecking Ball really expressed how this deployment couldn't end fast enough. Let's just we rocked the house, but since we live on post we couldn't really rock any sheet rock! Lol thanks for all you do for service members and veterans! You mean more to them than you know! Your type of music helps them remember who they are and what they are fighting for. Sincerely grateful!


I Love eric church im so glad I got into the fan club took me long enough but hope to meet him one day just to shake his hand what a wonderful entertainer


As much as I am generally annoyed when I watch Award shows and the people who win. I really hope Eric gets what he deserves. He plays his music the way it should be played - from the heart and for the fans. Seen him in concert numerous times and he never disappoints. Hope he wins - I know he doesn't really care it's not about awards to him, but I think it would make us fans feel better that he gets the credit he deserves. Good luck!!



THE ONLY WAY I KNOW to find some good music is to go CREEPIN around ITunes. Looking for a song call GOOD FOR THAT I saw on YouTube now I am not YOUNG & WILD anymore but THAT’S SOME ROCK & ROLL I would have purchased. The Chief had to do it THE ‘HARD WAY & I Been thinking about lack of Love my HOMEBOY been receiving... He probably feels LIKE A WRECKING BALL hit him. I CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU, but FASTER THAN MY ANGELS CAN FLY we all know it OVER WHEN IT’S OVER and he deserves a win. MY HEART’S GOT A MEMORY about GIVE ME BACK MY HOMETOWN and heard a song I never heard before LIVING PART OF MY LIFE and sounds like my life. That is a COUNTRY THANG. I AINT WASTING TIME NO MORE, Is it at all fair? With a DRINK IN MY HAND, I’M GETTING STONED, when I SMOKE A LITTLE SMOKE & decide to KEEP ON going with THESE BOOTS on, life AIN’T KILLED ME YET. For those who love Eric vote for him & LOVE YOUR LOVE THE MOST, and LOVE ME LIKE JESUS DOES. I was driving in my CHEVY with some SINNERS LIKE ME going down TWO PINK LINES when we were struck by LIGHTENING on our way to CAROLINA to hear SOME CONTRY MUSIC JESUS. It must be a HELL ON THE HEART not to be recognized & others gotta A LOTTA BOOT LEFT TO FILL for his years of hard work. Busting out songs like Springsteen!! I think he deserves a win HOW BOUT YOU? NG 

Please vote for Eric!!!
I have never made ditty’s like these I am inspired by all of the hard work he has done.

Nancy Gusler

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Sep 15 11:56am

That's GREAT!!!

Sep 15 5:07pm

Thank you that is my second one. I am almost 57 and never done anything like it and felt inspired by Chief's hardwork and never won an award. That is just insane.. He has been singing longer than Steven Tyler lol.

Sep 15 5:10pm

First one I would be sooo disappointed if Eric Church doesn't win!!! How long has MY HOMEBOY been dropping notes? I have SMOKED A LITTLE SMOKE, been to TALLADEGA,drank a COLD ONE or two. Some GUYS LIKE ME have RAISED EM UP a youngun or two. Took a ROLLER COASTER RIDE with JACK DANIELS was HUNGOVER & HARD UP smoked THE JOINT with some SINNERS LIKE ME! went to CAROLINA to listen to a little COUNTRY MUSIC JESUS. Please Vote Eric in I would appreciate HOW BOUT YOU?


Eric deserves entertainer if the tear, I hope he is given this honor.

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Sep 12 5:47pm

That's cool.

Sep 12 9:39pm


Sep 13 8:25am

On a lexus too..dam..nice!

Sep 13 9:06am



My Outsiders Vinyl came today,Large poster was included My Mama who is in her 70's asked if that was who my sister and I had went to see, I said yes,she said they look like hoodlums!

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Sep 12 2:38pm

I found some more pictures of EC my mama says that he isn't a hoodlum She guesses LOL

Sep 12 5:49pm

He's just cool!!!!!!!! must of been the skull. lol

Sep 13 10:57am

Mine is on its way


Early ticket purchasers not eligible to enter drawing for VIP upgrade seats from Live Nation!! Can't believe Eric Church would want that restriction for his most loyal fans!

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Sep 11 5:03pm

Saw him 4 times this tour and it took a lot of convincing for my husband to agree to these festival tickets...but I wore him down and get 2 more shows! I really think everyone should be able to enter the drawing and have a chance to win VIP tickets, not just the late ticket buyers!! Still going but I'd give anything to be up front just once!!

Sep 13 11:04am

We were going to go but have to and I mean really have to work . The seats that are close are pretty high but when you consider its two days and Eric will put on the best show its not so bad. I am with you on convincing my husband, hes not a pit fan, due to a bad back,but I sure am. I am going to have to get a pit buddy, didnt know we could not be Part of that drawing... looks like a lot of good seats left.

Sep 13 11:52am

They don't have the pit for this show do they?

Sep 26 8:00am

No pit this time from what I was told.

Sep 14 4:35pm

This is their contest not ours so we didnt set the rules. However, I did send the promoter a note about the eligibility

Sep 15 10:14am

Thanks for the reply! As I said, I wouldn't think Eric would really endorse this restriction. i know he values his fans more than that. Still can't wait to see him...even if it is from the lawn!

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What a year it has been for this tremendous Carolina man and his awesome band!! I had the privilege to see him 2 times this year on the Outsiders W...
Sep 12 5:51pm

Me too, hope I get of go a few times next year.


Congratulations on your CMA nominations! So well deserved!!! I was at the Allentown concert and it was as hot as hell and I just don't mean the weather!!! See you on the road in 2016!!


You and the band have worked so hard! Finally some well deserved recognition! Congrats and cannot wait to watch the CMA'S. Proud Church Choir member.


This presale for the Inside the Outsiders exhibit...are these tickets good for the length of the exhibit or just for opening day? It never specified.

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Sep 10 10:10am

Either way I bought them. Hope I can use them anytime because I won't be able to make it next Friday.

Sep 10 10:19am

I bought mine also home they are for later use also I'm on vacation in Fla this week and go back to work on Monday

Sep 10 10:22am

Yes, I hope they can be used anytime during the exhibit it would be cool to be there for the opening day but I don't think I could make it

Sep 10 10:38am

I just emailed the museum and they said they could be used any day. Anyone know if artists ever make appearances at the exhibit opening? We just so happen to have scheduled a Nashville vacation (our first for our 10 year anniversary) on the opening day and I'd love to know if Mr. Church himself will be dropping by! :)

Sep 10 10:40am

Yes, they can be used anytime during the length of the exhibit. I just had CrowdSurge add that language to the ticket page to avoid confusion!

Sep 10 10:51am

Shoot! I didn't realize I could only get 4. I need 6 total. Bummer!

Sep 10 11:09am

Perfect. Thanks for responding!

Sep 10 6:54pm

Does this include admission to the CMHOF as well as the exhibit. I would assume it does, but it doesn't say that anywhere, it just says the exhibit.

Sep 12 10:00am

Tbro i looked at it and you can do an option for the exhibit+museum ticket, theyre hosting it but its 2 seperate entities i think

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