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Are presale tickets all gone for the Phoenix, AZ show?

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Nov 19 3:56pm

No - I bought some yesterday and still today there are seats available AND floor general admission too

Nov 20 3:23pm

I attempted to get some today and all that were available were limited view, behind the stage, lowest price point. Anyone have any suggestions?


I have been in the military for 17 years (12 enlisted and 5 as an officer) and do not want anything special. I am, however, taken aback that we do not get a tour date in Texas - Austin, specifically, since that is where I live.

I saw you here for the iheart radio concert and that was the best concert I have ever been to - been to a lot of them over the years.

I would like for you to come to Texas and give us a show. I know it will be great. You are my favorite country artist.


David Shields, LT USN

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Nov 18 10:14pm

I second that! And David, thank you for your service.

Nov 19 7:24am

Agreed! Thank you for your service !!!

Nov 19 10:05am

I may be crazy, but on the back of my Outsiders world tour t shirt there is an Austin, Tx date and one for Houston. May just not have been announced yet? Not sure, but I hope you get a date there soon!

Nov 19 5:03pm

Keep in mind that the dates that are out now are only for the first 2 legs of the tour...


Eric, we admire your music and your style, its unlike any other artist. So true, deep, and original, can't quite put my finger on it, maybe that's why its so cool and appealing. Your music just reels you in before you know it, you're hooked, then the craving comes in. Your musical genius is off the charts and nobody else even comes close to comparing to your style. Please go back to Madison Square Garden and give them your gift, play louder and longer than ever. To me, it wouldn't be loud or long enough, you have the IT FACTOR "MAGIC" to my ears and soul!
-Lots of Love from Houston Texas, Donna and Kord

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Nov 18 9:03pm

have seen Eric twice once with Kenny Chesney and October 11 in Pittsburgh That was the best concert of the year Great!!


My husband and I have followed Eric from the beginning. We have seen him in country bars, festivals, and arenas. We have traveled to various states to see Eric. I have seen him with both my girls in my belly and now I will be expericing him VIP in Alabama thanks to my wonderful husband. We will bringing our f*uck the cma sign in VIP and in the pit!


i thought by having pre sale, you would be offered better ticket selections than general public

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Nov 18 10:33pm

You can call Ticketmaster and ask for pit.. That's what I had to do with my presale purchase! Good luck - call before they go on sale to the general public.

Nov 19 11:54am

Is pitt different from floor and if so do you know if by calling Ticketmaster, if I would be able to switch from floor to pit?

Nov 19 3:58pm

You are offered seats before the general public. I have 3 fan club memberships and we purchased 9 tickets yesterday that are all in GREAT seat locations.

Nov 19 5:12pm

We pulled the best reserved seat locations and GA floor for the Church Choir. These tickets just went very fast as this is a high demand show! There should still be some left before the presale ends tomorrow.

Nov 19 7:27pm

ill try calling, the options they give me are side stage


I originally had VIP seats for the Spokane show, but wanted to be in the pit. I returned my original tickets to get GA ones. Previous shows have had the option to buy the VIP package that doesn't include tickets. This has not been an option for this show yet. Will I have the option to add VIP to the tickets I already have?

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Nov 19 5:13pm

Please email

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Halestorm , Dwight and Eric & company Blow apart Peoria civic center neither me or my wife got meet and greet but on the plus we will be front and ...

When it says GA(no chairs) is there specific areas people stand it or is there no organization, just everyone is able to be on the floor?

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Nov 19 1:31pm

Its all general admission first come first serve.


Just joined the Church Choir and was wondering how you get a chance for a meet and greet. I am going to the Nashville show in January.

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Nov 18 5:57pm

You click Tour and go to your city. There should be a "Meet and Greet" button to press. However, Nashville's is not yet available

Nov 18 7:00pm

Thanks Lisa!

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Feeling pretty good right now. I got picked for Meet and Greet at Evansville. Feeling Blessed!!!
Nov 18 7:28pm


Nov 18 8:39pm



Dear Eric,
My name is Jake Smith. My girlfriend, Samantha Boone, & we live in East Peoria, IL. We have both been listening you and supporting your music since 2005. We’ve seen you perform at the La Salle/Peru Airport, Tinley Park (Chicago), US Cellular Coliseum (Bloomington), and at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. We’re not well off folks, but we always make sure to find the money to see you when you come to the area.
We’ve been Church Choir members since 2012 & will be attending your show this Friday (Nov. 21) in Peoria. Since we live so close to the civic center where you will be performing that night, and most of our friends also have tickets, we decided a few months back that we’d host a Pre-game party at our place. I’m was wondering if you would do us the honor of swinging by our house anytime before the show to say hello and maybe enjoy a cold one with some of your biggest fans. There will only be 10-15 fans there and no media (unless requested by you).
We know you’re a busy man, which is why it would mean to world to us if you could find some time in your day, before the show, to swing by. Not only that, but we figured you would also appreciate the opportunity to connect with your music listeners and show all of your fans out there how much they mean to you. Also, with the way social media is these days, I’m sure that when word gets around that you’d stopped by a fan’s house to have a drink and say hello, it would likely increase ticket sales, too. Either way, we thought it would be worth it to go out on a limb and ask, but either way we’ll continue to be loyal fans of yours.
Jake & Sam


Just going to the Nashville show instead of Tupelo

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Nov 18 3:48pm

No way to transfer tickets. Email us at to discuss

Nov 19 9:48am

But we can give GA tix to friends, right? as long as I'm there with the credit card I used? (still hoping to get actual seats, since I have a back injury.)


SO excited I FINALLY get to see Kenny! Eric rocked it when he was in Pittsburgh in October, but I didn't get to see the entire show due to some home issues, so I'm super excited I get to see him again! Eeek! Pittsburgh is becoming my new spot!!

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Nov 19 1:31am

My very first concert I saw Eric and got hooked was with Kenny... I hate to say it....Eric Rocked his A$$ off .... Blew Kenny out the door !!! I am so happy to be seeing him with Halestorm in January I cant even tell you how excited I am . Hope you enjoy the show !!

Nov 19 9:49am

I was at the Burgh show too! It was amazing! So sad you missed part of it! I'm going to see him with Kenny too! So flipping excited!! I've never seen Kenny so I'm hoping that is great... but I bought it entirely to see Eric again. But since my husband loves Kenny, I technically bought them as a bday present for my husband that just so happens to benefit me!


Hey I was just wondering if there were going to be any meet & greets with The Chief in Philly. I know it's Kenny Chesney's tour, but would be great if there were some kind of VIP or meet & greet since his last stop (Oct 18th) Wells Fargo VIP was canceled due to space restrictions. BTW still stumped about that, since the venue is huge. Lincoln Financial Field is even bigger. Thanks

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Nov 18 12:24pm

I'm still bummed that VIP was cancelled at WF center last month too. So now...hubby and I are traveling 14 hours to Nashville to do VIP on 1/10/15....road trip! A meet & greet would be icing on the cake :)

Nov 18 12:38pm

There will be a meet and greet for Eric's shows with Kenny.

Nov 18 1:07pm

At least we're using the refund and going to see Eric with Kenny in Pitt & Philly! After that show on 10/18 we had to find another one to attend. Thought about Nashville after you mentioned it but the weather is too iffy for travel with the polar vortex haha.

Nov 18 2:52pm

We're driving Matty1 so send good thoughts about the weather!! We'll be in Philly on 7/11 too. No such thing as too much EC.


I have floor tix to both Vegas shows and to Phx (just went to Omaha too - I have a problem). I see other shows have a Meet & Greet button on the site. Do I just keep watching for that button to pop up for my shows?

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Nov 18 11:39am

Yes! Soon...

Nov 18 11:44am

Like how soon….today….next week? any clues?


The Outsiders World Tour January 10,2015

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Nov 18 12:02pm

Why are the floor tickets so expensive?! $90 for a full floor pit ticket is crazy. I paid $60 for Memphis and the pit was tiny. Not even half the floor

Nov 18 1:04pm

I was wondering the same thing. Only $70 for floor in Louisville, but we bought the $90 tickets anyway.

Nov 18 1:24pm

I can't afford $90 for floor tickets, especially with a full floor pit where I would have to sit outside all day if I want to be even close to the stage. How ridiculous

Nov 18 2:39pm

There was much better deals through the pre-sale than floor tickets. I easily got two tickets 2nd row behind the stage for $29 each

Nov 18 3:00pm

@Flyingsilvereagle i did the same thing, had pit tix twice so figured I'd go for the cheap seats this time:-)

Nov 18 3:15pm

I've been wrestling with the cost myself too and I think I will have to bite the cost and go after the GA tickets. Something about having Eric right there in your face I can't let go of!

Nov 18 3:18pm

we bought last minute tickets to st lous behind stage don't think it was choir loft but still great seats for last minute!

Nov 18 8:25pm

I've been trying since 10am on the dot and those are the only options I've got even looking for only 1 ticket. I don't want to be in the pit or behind the stage, these options for the "fan club" are pretty crappy.

Nov 18 11:45pm

@ Eric Church Customer Support PLEASE HELP!!!!! I ordered tickets this morning soon as they went on sale (only 2 of the General Admission pit tickets) it said my order was successfully completed and it has showed up on my banking already that those tickets have been paid for but I never did receive an online confirmation from ticketmaster or anywhere confirming it but it showed it once the process was compete and like I said it shows that like $181 maybe or something like that was taken from my account for them. Is there anyway possible you can check on that for me please and let me know I really don't want someone else to be receiving my tickets that aren't suppose to be theirs; or me not to even get tickets over all of this after all I went through to make sure I was able to be on a computer right at time....Thanks in Advance for your help. I just need to knw if I should reorder or not because there is already 1 charge showin on my account right now

Nov 19 5:16pm

Please email us at


No VIP for fresno? Exited for the show!!!! Hoping that VIP becomes available. Have had this experience in fresno for other shows and it is a very nice thing when it is offered. Well worth it. Would love to have a chance at seeing the traveling exhibit that comes with the tour.


Bought my floor tickets for Phoenix!

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Nov 18 11:28am

Me too!

Nov 18 11:31am

My confirmation says FLOOR, but it has seat numbers, so I am hoping it is pit passes. So excited to see the Chief for my third time! #GoodGirlsNeverMissChurch

Nov 18 12:00pm

I'm hoping they are true general admission seats too! Couldn't get any right at 10AM but they popped up 45 minutes later.. Whew! That was nerve racking

Nov 18 12:09pm

they just updated the map...all floor seats are GA standing only.

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