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So incredibly sad that the concert in Des Moines, IA tomorrow has been cancelled! There are plenty of dry places where we can still host a big ole party - just need Chief to join us!


We are so disappointed that the river bank bash is canceled. Eric please come back to Missouri. We were going to celebrate our 1st anniversary with you!


So disappointed that this is cancled due to flooding! Was so ready to see Eric again.


Feel for those in Des Moines dealing with flooding. Also terrible to be so excited for months to see EC and it can't happen.

Eric if you show up with a guitar anywhere (obviously having EC band is awesome as well) I am sure we would all be there!!! "I am just saying..."

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Jun 26 12:01pm

Disappointed doesn't even cover how sad I am River Bank Bash was cancelled. We got our tickets last November! Was really hoping for a meet and greet, too. Now that opportunity is lost. I am sure Eric feels horrible for missing a show, but mother nature had other ideas. What are the odds of flooding the one weekend we were going to see Eric?

Jun 26 1:23pm

Yes, a MAJOR disappointment, have been looking forward to this show for months. But it's pretty obvious that they did everything they could to make this show happen. No amount of planning could have controlled 5 plus inches of rain 3 days before the concert. I feel for the guys who planned this and all of the true fans..(by true fans I mean the people that aren't jumping on the fb page to make comments blaming everyone and ranting about how they could've done it better.) So yes, some little part of me likes to dream that Eric would show up with his guitar, somewhere in Iowa tomorrow night and put on a hellova show for those of us that aren't too busy making jackass comments on fb! :) ...Until then, I will be sitting on my deck, drowning my sorrows with some cold ones, good friends, and listening to Eric Church anyway!

Jun 26 2:10pm

I would love to see Eric perform somewhere in Des Moines tomorrow like he used to, sitting on the tailgate of a truck or show up somewhere. Just give me a 'heads up'; it's still a 3 hour drive and I haven't cancelled our hotel yet... (Wishful thinking!)

Jun 29 12:30am

Ohhh I would make sure I would be in the Des Moines area that night still. I can see a little salt lake city action happen at a local dive bar.

Jun 26 10:03pm

Hah! That's awesome crazygracie12, I was coming from over 3 hrs away too. (MN) That would be so amazing huh ? Please keep me in the loop if that happens... lol. Ahhh. I will have his albums playing regardless.

Jun 26 10:16pm

It is days like this you are glad you have Austin City Limits and StageCoach concerts on your DVR. And a Cold One in your hand.... Pledge Allegience To The Hag!

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Still waiting to hear venue change for tomorrow :) praying for the best.... been looking fwd to another show
Jun 26 11:35am

Per KCCI in Des Moines, the event has been cancelled:

Jun 26 1:11pm

So bummed doesn't even sum it up. Wish Osh gosh WI wasn't so far I'd go see him tonight because he's (close) :( miss you Eric Church


Just sending an invite to Eric Church and band to come to Sunfest Country 2015 to come party with us. Keith Urban is gonna raise em up and it would rock if you came too. VIP Boat day on Cowichan Lake for ya. Hollar at me.


Will their be a meet and greet for willies show on the 4th?


Thanks to Nick at Church support for fixing my membership status! Very quick and helpful! Great to be able to see the video from the Church choir party!


Thanks for singing "His Kind of Money"; it's one of my favorites. Love the Church Choir Party 2015 video; it puts a smile on my face to see it and remember that awesome day.


I sent a letter 2 days ago to his fan mail address does anybody know how long it would be till or if I got a response back?

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Jun 24 11:08am

where did you send it to?

Jun 24 1:06pm

Email or snail mail?

Jun 24 10:04pm

I sent it to a address

Jun 24 10:05pm

Eric Church Q-Prime South 131 South 11th Street Nashville, TN 37206 USA

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Early Church on Saturday – ‘Lightning’ strikes! [MUSIC, VIDEO & more] |

I needed to come up with a weekly feature so I came up with this.

WEEK #7 of my weekly web feature detailing the early years of Eric Church.

My message to the unknowing is: "Let me be your weekly guide to NEW MUSIC that
really isn’t new, but just plain & simply, kicks ass"! -Steve Richards ~ KWWK

This week, it’s ‘Lightning’, track 8 from ‘Sinners’ (‘Sinners Like Me’)

Early Church on Saturday – ‘Lightning’ strikes! [MUSIC, VIDEO & more] >>> |


Thank you for the Choir Party video! It brought back the day at the Cordell which was absolutely amazing! Still can't believe that I met Eric and a bunch of EC fans just like me!! Thank you to all who made that possible! It is something this girl will never forget plus I bought plenty of T-shirts there to remind me. :0)

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Jun 24 11:09am

I'm so jealous! Maybe next year........


My new favorite song! The party was SO AWESOME!!


Everyone loves Eric! Check this out:


I'm heartbroke I drove 7 and a half hrs to see him, had a loss in the family so I had to turn around and drive back, not seeing the most amazing, great, heartfelt, gorgeous guy in the world! Praying I get picked again! Donate the shirt I bought to someone who can't afford one if possible. I burn your store up and buy stuff constant. Be good to give to someone that can't buy one. Please choose me next time. I've lost from my husband, paw paw, & Daddy all in the last 5 yrs. Your music helps save me! Love you so much Eric Church and all u stand for!

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Jun 24 1:16pm

Pam so sorry to hear! Always a tough time. We just put your t-shirt and special gift in the mail to you, headed to your NC address. Hope it brings you some joy.

Jun 25 10:30am

You all are truly amazing! Thank you so much! I will wear it with pride as I do all my Church stuff! Hope to see yall soon.

Jun 29 5:59pm

I got my stuff today! So excited yall are absolutely amazing! It took a hard time for us and made everybody smile! That is priceless!! Thank you for putting smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts!!

Jun 30 8:44am

You guys are awesome

Jun 30 10:52am

Eric and the people working for him are the best, this is Awesome


My husband loves you! However with 2 babies (less than a year apart) we can't afford much extras. He deployed after our girl was 2 days old. He is currently still serving in Kuwait. He should be home for Christmas. If you are doing any shows near Louisiana in 2016, would you consider sending us tickets? I know you have gone there and performed before. Thank you for your consideration and support of our military!

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Jun 24 8:14am

Aimee, I would like to help you and your soldier get those tickets. I have seen Eric 10 times and will see him 2 more times yet this summer. If Eric's is in your area I will purchase those tickets for you. if Eric HQ can help facilitate this I would appreciate it. Thank your soldier for his service. Deb

Jun 24 1:17pm

Not sure when we will be back in that area in 2016, if at all. Very kind of you.

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Well worth staying up late at Ryman with Eric as the special guest. We had bought our tickets some time ago and when announced Eric Church was goin...
Jun 24 4:10pm

I loved every second of it, as you said well worth the wait!!!

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