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Where can we find the photo from meet and greet tonight?

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Jul 25 7:31am

Look under the media tab. Should be easy to find from there

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Just a few people here in Monticello, Iowa!
Jul 25 7:33am

Was surprised at no encore, otherwise a great show

Jul 27 10:53am

I have not been to a show that I saw him do an encore

Jul 25 8:14am

How long did he play?

Jul 25 10:40am

Hour and 20 min

Jul 25 11:33pm

I was surprised too! And no outsiders!

Jul 28 5:44pm

And no Bruce Springsteen song during Springsteen, right?

Jul 26 10:14pm

Also surprised at no encore. Any idea why? Awesome show. Awesome time. We traveled 4.5 hrs just to see him. Has close track tix. Still smiling. Forever a fan!

Jul 26 11:13pm

Ive been to quite a few EC shows..I have not seen him do an encore..not sure why..


When not if but when Eric is selling out stadiums who would you like to see open for him. Most acts have 4 openers but Eric can't have that many cause how is he gonna perform 2.5 hours to 3 hours like he did on the outsiders tour where most act are 1hr and half. Eric is better than that. I can only think of 2 openers but 3 if you have a rock band. My openers Cadillac 3 a thousand horses and if rock halestorm. Who would u like to see

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Jul 24 10:10pm

Great question! I would like to see Halestorm. Love that damn rock and roll they did together.

Jul 24 10:17pm

I seen halestorm open for Eric in Nashville there awesome

Jul 24 10:19pm

Halestorm has a new cd out if u got Spotify look up I like it heavy lizzy hale has some pipes

Jul 25 9:34am

I think it's about time the stars he opened for opened for him. Kenny, Miranda...

Jul 25 8:01pm

Probably wouldn't appeal to many chior members but if we when the big lottery (i'm assumming it would take a big one)- Eric Church and Michael Mcdonald @ the farm, church members welcome, open bar if there's $$ left


Can you please play Carolina tomorrow at Country Jam?!! It's my husbands birthday and that's his favorite song!! Can't wait to see your show!!


Eric Church: my husband is your biggest fan. I love you too, but he loves you more. Can't wait to see this Jones County Fair concert!!!


I just wanted to say thanks Eric Church and your music for bringing my girlfriend and I together. She is a bartender and when I went to her bar I noticed her singing a lot of country. We got to talking about our favorite artist and it was you. She told me how she has not heard The Outsiders album yet, so I ran to target and picked it up and left that as my tip for her. Our song is now Wrecking Ball. I've already seen you twice (Green Bay and Miller Park) but she has not. So we are going to be going to Country Jam in Eau Claire, WI. We have general admission for just that day so we're going to get as close as possible to see you. In the Caught In The Act album during Springsteen where you talk about your first amphitheater concert. How you remember everything about it. I want that with this girl. I want a melody connected self with a memory. Where we'll listen to your music and immediately go back to that first time we saw you together. Once again thanks for the man and bringing me and my girl together. 

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Jul 25 9:10am


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Just got an email saying I was accepted for the meet and greet. It says to print it and bring to will call, but wondering if anyone knows if I could show the email from my phone. We're at a three day music festival and don't have access to a printer.

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Jul 24 10:08am

Congrats on the meet and greet for Country Jam! I didn't get picked, but hopefully will be picked next week in Nashville. I am going to have the same problem, as we are driving 14 hours to Nashville and I won't have access to my home email in case I am picked for a meet and greet.

Jul 24 12:10pm

You will probably be good just taking an ID to will call.

Jul 24 1:13pm

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I was a little worried.

Jul 24 1:47pm

ID will be just fine. The print out is just a backup

Jul 25 8:16am

@ericchurchHQ Thanks for letting us know


Eric Church may never get the credit he truly deserves from his peers on the many award shows, but he had one of if not the best album of 2014. Finally the Chief got some credit where credit is due for his efforts most importantly writing almost all of the amazing Outsiders record (unlike most other artists out there), producing and sharing it with his loyal fan base, and of course creating a record braking and great Outsiders tour. Even with the Outsiders mainstream success the album isn’t necessarily radio friendly, perhaps pushing away many awards from Eric and the band. The Church Choir has always understood Eric’s unique style towards each album and love his rebel attitude, and finally the public have spoken making the Outsiders record go platinum. Thanks Chief for all your music can’t wait for the next chapter of an already illustrious career.
Below is the link to the article detailing Eric's the Outsiders surpassing 1 million albums sold.


Eric needs to have a concert where it's just him and he just sings all and I mean all of his songs. Hits, not hits, new, kinda new, and especially the old songs.

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Jul 23 7:22pm

He should do what Bruce Springsteen does. Sings everything almost.. kinda.. Bruce concerts are just him for approx 3 hours long

Jul 24 9:41am

Who wouldn't love 3+ hours of Eric Church??!! Maybe someday he will play that long; for now , I am happy to be seeing him tomorrow at Country Jam!!

Jul 25 9:36am

He practically does already. Hoping we get this at Ascend next week.


Okay so this is kinda a rant. Let me just say, Eric doesn't get enough credit for what he deserves. Every nomination Eric has he never gets. And trust me is up against some good people like Album of the year he was against Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan,etc. and he never gets it. Like this year I forgot which award show buy Miranda won. I have both albums and trust and I'm not trying to be biased about this but I truly think Eric deserved that award 100% more than Miranda. Sure she wrote a few of her songs and they are good, but Eric wrote the majority of his songs off of the album is not all of them. Eric also didn't create The Outsiders album to win awards or create hits. In an interview he simply says he does each album differently by exploring different sounds and genres to get out of his comfort zone and to be creative during the making of each album, which shows that he deserves this awards even more. I'm not here to bash any of the other country artists, I'm just stating simply why I think Eric deserves more credit. Eric literally started from nothing. He starting playing in Nashville's Centennial Park with just him and a guitar in the back of his truck, and now look where he is. Ii am so proud to be an Eric Church fan. He stands for great things and I am glad with the success and credit he has already earned. Don't get me wrong, I am completely ecstatic and super proud with his success he already has I'm just trying to say that Eric deserves way more than he has. He is an unbelievable song writer, and an amazing musician and performer all around. Okay that is all for my rant and I'm not trying to bash anyone in the Country Music Industry.

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Jul 25 9:12am



So excited that I was able to get pit tickets for the second time in a row, last time I saw him in Memphis and had general admission pit tickets and I was 1st row. I could literally see him spiting and sweating when he was performing. It was the single most amazing concert I had ever been to. He's also a great performer because he would look us and different people on the floor/1st row in the eye which was special. He even sign a little boy's boot the was standing beside me when he was singing "These Boots". Eric is the real deal, but that's nothing new to me. I have been a fan of Eric's for YEARS and his music and just all around personality keeps getting better each year.


This is it! It's getting closer! Only 1 WEEK until I get to see one of the greatest current country musicians in the business right now. I can't contain my excitement!!! Eric Church is such a great performer. He sounds just as great live as on the radio probably even better. I've been listening to Eric since his early days like Love Your Love The Most. At this concert I really hope he sings Longer Gone, Carolina, You Make It Look So Easy, I'm Getting Stoned and I would really like to see him perform Broke Record since he didn't sing it at the Memphis show. Broke Record has to be one of my favorites from his latest album along with Like A Wrecking Ball.


I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support and contributions to Eric's birthday tribute. The idea came to me while I was waiting for test results that would eventually change my life. A special thanks to Eric's Outsiders. I presented the idea to them first, and they were very supportive. Again, thanks to all of you. Donor Services thinks we had a good first time showing and I am sure Eric and Katherine appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. For those of you who don't already know, I was (one of) the fan(s) who had the awesome experience of sharing a shot with Eric at the Philly concert. I am so proud to be a loyal fan of the most amazing and talented man; a man whose fan oriented, compassionate nature was on display for all to see.


Hi everyone. Thanks for being so patient with me. Decided the easiest way to do this is to post part of the email from Donor Services. "A summary of gifts to Chief Cares after May closed. 20 gifts were posted to the financials for Chief Cares Fund. Most had some note referencing Eric's birthday, but those that didn't were also attributed to the campaign given Regular donation activity. The 20 gifts totaling $620 range from five dollars to $100. Gifts came from donors in the following locations: TN, NC, KY, IN, OH, NJ, MA, MD, TX, IL, NM and Canada.I know you were shooting for the moon in terms of donations you expected, but know that I think the number and the amount you received was a really good first time showing. Thanks for your efforts. This money will go for the great programs Chief Cares supports.

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Jul 23 2:50pm

Your welcome,and thanks for all your work. We're The Outsiders,a band of brothers together as one!!

Jul 23 5:03pm

KY represented! Was proud to 😊


Have they selected winners yet? No email, so I take it I didn't get selected again.

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Jul 23 2:14pm

I've refreshed my browser at least 500 times....getting anxious! lol!!

Jul 23 2:47pm

You and me both!!!!!! I haven't been able to get any work done all day! Do they let us know either way??

Jul 23 3:00pm

That I do not know... i've just been checking it from here under my profile tab..still processing

Jul 23 3:29pm

Mine was not accepted. Good Luck!

Jul 23 3:33pm

Me neither. :(

Jul 23 3:42pm

Maybe he'll change his mind? I'm heartbroken!

Jul 23 3:43pm

Makes you wonder how many get accepted. When I entered (last week) only 34 were entered at that time.

Jul 23 4:01pm

Totally bummed I didn't get accepted :(

Jul 23 4:14pm

Didn't get it either:(

Jul 23 4:17pm

I was a loser too

Jul 23 6:49pm

Maybe he's not even doing it? Time constraints? I know I just entered Monday night and I was #35. I thought ALL of us would get to. I figured it'd be a quick picture and hug. I didn't expect we'd spend time shooting the breeze. I actually was overconfident (at #35)and now I'm so let down. :(

Jul 23 8:02pm

I got an email late this afternoon saying i get to meet him tomorrow the 24th!! cannot wait! extremely nervous as what to say to him!

Jul 23 9:39pm

Congrats! Tell him I said hi!


I am going to be in nashville the week of 7/30/-7/31 and am looking for 4 tix to the ascend ampitheater concert...Anybody have 4 for sale? email is THANKS!

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Jul 23 12:45pm

There were more tickets released! just got an email yesterday!

Jul 23 12:52pm

thanks lyndsey--i tired that but got all the way to check out and got kicked out and now I dont see any more tix

Jul 24 8:15am

NEED tickets. We had a buddy join without hesitation for this trip. We have a ticket for him for Thursday and need one for Friday. We are in the pit so if we were able to come how come up with another out ticket that would be help.

Jul 24 8:17am

Sorry for the spelling errors. Very excited and typing on my phone. Please help Church Choir

Jul 24 9:15am

If you go on ticketmaster, single seats are still available both nights

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