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It's been awhile since I've asked and I haven't gotten any emails about a rescheduled date. Are they still planning on having this show? Thank you

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Jul 7 7:43pm

Thank You, I can't find any info on the lexington show, nor can I get a response as to what's gonna happen there. PLEASE RESCHEDULE LEXINGTON, KY.

Jul 8 8:36am

Yes, they are still having it. I think the issue is that it was a December show, and once basketball season starts, it is not as easy to reschedule a show.

Jul 8 8:37am

They have to work out a date where, Eric is available and close enough to travel there, a day with no games, a day with no other events. Im sure its not as easy as it seems


Does anyone have the green sweat thshirt that was part of the pre-order package for "The Outsiders" they would be willing to sell?? I would like one, here in Iowa getting down to 50 at night already!! I want a hot July Saturday Night! Thank You for anyone interested in selling theirs. Take Care, Kathy


Just got VIP tickets for the Saturday night Mohegan show!!!! This is the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT I HAVE EVER GOTTEN!!! I just can't wait. So EXCITED!!!!

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Jul 7 9:50am

Im going to that show, and on thursday in Manchester, NH. CANT WAIT!

Jul 10 12:31pm

Mohegan 10/25 Can't wait! The Outsiders is such an awesome album. Eric and his band get better and better.


Anyone else going to Eric's show in Duluth! My girlfriend and I are excited!

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Jul 18 9:47pm

I can't wait!

Jul 18 10:02pm

Is your tickets the no paper ones?

Jul 25 3:17pm

yes I ordered them from the arena's website


I entered for a meet and greet for Eric's show at Mohegan Sun on October 24th! Does anyone know about how many people get picked per meet and greet? I hope I'm one of them!

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Jul 3 6:53pm

The meet and greets are chosen at random and depending on the schedule of the show is how many people are chosen I believe.

Jul 8 8:40am

It does vary, but the one I went to, back when he toured with Toby Keith, There were maybe 10- 15. But 5 were wives of the guys that own/operate the venue (they had no idea who Eric was!) and 2 were radio winners

Jul 8 8:41am

It may be a bit bigger now since he is the headliner. It is still probably limited, plus a higher demand

Jul 18 9:48pm

I was wondering the same. When I look at my meet and greet history it says processing. Do they choose the winners at the show?

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heres another share cma fest 2014 eric at lp field enjoy! and share your pics stories too please!
Jul 3 7:14pm

Have some AWESOME pics from CMT and CMA Fest but when I synced my music (all EC) I didn't sync my pics....will post a few more next week!

Jul 3 10:36pm

Cool pic, thanks for sharing..

Jul 5 5:21pm



Wasn't there, but that short video only makes you want to hear more! I love that you always thank the fans......we love you Eric. You've brought your stories to our lives, shared your words, your music.....and it is an honout to pass it along to anyone who wil fact we had a Church marathon in my jeep today, driving with my son out to see the icebergs off the cost of Newfoundland and you were there the whole time! And a new fan was brought to Church!

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Jul 3 12:11pm

was there but cant wait for when they (hopefully all I heard) get cut. was a mazing day I will hold on too! The day the video got posted I drank a fifth of jack remanissing bout that day!

Jul 7 12:29pm

Watching that video is a killer tease for those of us who couldn't make it. Wish you could have paid to watch a stream or something.

Jul 7 3:52pm

The video is definitely a tease! I wish I could have been there. I would have definitely paid to view a stream.


Lightning, Carolina, These Boots, What I almost Was, Lotta Boot Left to Fill, Love Your Love the Most, Smoke A Little Smoke, Without You Here, Country Music Jesus, Jack Daniels, Over When It's Over, Like Jesus Does, Springsteen (from Caught in the Act), Sinners Like me (from Caught I the Act)........ And I simply cannot pick from The Outsiders because that's in a class by itself..... So.....what's yours?

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Jul 1 8:28pm

I agree but add, Drink in my Hand! Faster then my Angels can fly.

Jul 1 11:51pm

young and wild, before she does

Jul 2 1:53am

Nice list but I would add Creepin, Talladega, and Brandy..

Jul 2 8:10am

I'd add I'm Gettin' Stoned too :)

Jul 2 10:12am

think we would have more than one Greatest Hits list b/c I am also adding Pledge Allegiance to the Hag and Keep On:-)

Jul 2 9:25pm

Leave My Willie Alone

Jul 3 12:14pm

I have made many of ec playlist but have found it easier to just play them all! Its like great Waylon albums from the past not much radio play but just a killer experience to listen from begining to end!

Jul 3 7:10pm

See....just what I thought....they're ALL great and you simply just can't pick a few.....because everyone of them just mean something.....and my EC playlist starts with Sinners Like Me and ends with Burn...

Jul 4 11:15am

Michael. My dream is to year Eric sing Michael during Outsiders Live. :)

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Last October I married my best friend. Over the years of our relationship we bonded over our love for Eric Church. We attended many concerts (Caboo...
Jul 3 12:15pm

congrats and very cool coozie if u have any left u should send me 1!


I have 2 xtra tix for sale for 10/18/14 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. They are side by side in row 14. Price is what I paid which is $80 each. You will have to meet me at will call on night if show to get them. Email me at if interested


I entered for a meet and greet for Eric's show at Mohegan Sun on October 24th! Does anyone know about how many people get picked per meet and greet? I hope I'm one of them!


Does anyone know if the font from "Sinners Like Me" or the "Blood Sweat and Beers" poster is a custom font, or if I can find it somewhere? Trying to design a graphic to give to my sister for her birthday to surprise her with concert tickets. Its the really bold font that looks burned.. Thanks fellow Choir members!


Would Eric play Like Jesus Does at the Oct 16 concert for my Son Travis who passed away on Mother's Day 2013. We played this song and Springsteen on the playlist at Travis' funeral and would love to have Eric sing this song for Travis Smith.


I was not able to make the Party.. one year maybe. It was a joy to see and hear a clip of the Lost songs I sure do hope they get on a special CD one day. It was probably a good thing i was not there as i would have be crying my eyes out as i am now just getting a small sample of your songs. Even if you never go on the road again PLEASE don't stop writing and singing because your Choir will always be here wanting to hear more. You and your EC Team are the best.

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Jun 28 10:39pm

I couldn't agree more! Quick question for the EC team, any chance Eric would give a shout out during a concert to someone? I can give an explanation as to why this would make a huge impact on my sister, just let me know if he does that?


No dates for Houston in 2014??? Sure wish there was!!

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Jul 7 6:37am

I am also waiting for a Houston concert,,, they did say there will be more concerts listed for the tour, but it wont be till 2015. keeping my fingers crossed!


today I watched the interviews they did for King Georges show. Eric was so sincere in his interview. Try to catch it on Headlining Country with Stormy Warren. Eric looked like he was having the time of his life. So happy he was there. of course where he belonged.


Awesome! What a great person - not to mention a very talented artist! Can't wait for him to come to California again!!


Thank you so much for taking that video and posting. I had such a good time and really, really appreciated the opportunity. The music was wonderful and this video is such a great reminder. Thanks again to the whole team.

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