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Would Eric play Like Jesus Does at the Oct 16 concert for my Son Travis who passed away on Mother's Day 2013. We played this song and Springsteen on the playlist at Travis' funeral and would love to have Eric sing this song for Travis Smith.


I was not able to make the Party.. one year maybe. It was a joy to see and hear a clip of the Lost songs I sure do hope they get on a special CD one day. It was probably a good thing i was not there as i would have be crying my eyes out as i am now just getting a small sample of your songs. Even if you never go on the road again PLEASE don't stop writing and singing because your Choir will always be here wanting to hear more. You and your EC Team are the best.

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Jun 28 10:39pm

I couldn't agree more! Quick question for the EC team, any chance Eric would give a shout out during a concert to someone? I can give an explanation as to why this would make a huge impact on my sister, just let me know if he does that?


No dates for Houston in 2014??? Sure wish there was!!

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Jul 7 6:37am

I am also waiting for a Houston concert,,, they did say there will be more concerts listed for the tour, but it wont be till 2015. keeping my fingers crossed!


today I watched the interviews they did for King Georges show. Eric was so sincere in his interview. Try to catch it on Headlining Country with Stormy Warren. Eric looked like he was having the time of his life. So happy he was there. of course where he belonged.


Awesome! What a great person - not to mention a very talented artist! Can't wait for him to come to California again!!


Thank you so much for taking that video and posting. I had such a good time and really, really appreciated the opportunity. The music was wonderful and this video is such a great reminder. Thanks again to the whole team.


Does anyone know where I can get Carolina on vinyl? I have all the others and would love to find it!!!?

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Jun 25 6:59pm

If you find somewhere let me know. Would love to add that to my collection as well

Jun 26 9:41pm

When a copy hits ebay it usually goes for $300 and up, so good luck..

Jun 27 2:39pm

Been searching for one too let me know when you find one.

Jul 8 8:18pm

Amazon will typically come across 10 or so a year just check periodically. Thats where i got mine for $23


If that song didn't give you the goosebumps- I don't know what will... Amazing song! Like and Comment if you agree! Anyone know if there is a way I can get a copy of that song?

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Jun 25 6:45pm

I would love a copy as well!!! So so good!!!!!!!!!

Jun 26 10:00am

, they were all great it such emotion in the way eric performs, band or acoustic! I loved that no one knew what was coming so it was a different feeling from the arena shows were you can hear every one singing around you!goosebumps 4 sure

Jun 27 2:41pm

AMEN to acoustic singing for sure. God you can feel everyone word he sings and know it comes from his heart and soul.


My son is the little boy in the video! He is your biggest littlest fan. Thank you so much for being so great and creating an awesome childhood memory for him. He sleeps in the fan club shirt every night and refers to you as his "buddy". We hope to see you again soon!

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Jun 26 10:05am

That's great my little man is 6 and he loves to sing outsiders, Next time he's singing and im not driving will try to record.

Jun 26 4:26pm

My three grandsons favorite thing to do is go for a ride in my convertible with the top down, of course. I live in a very hilly area, and play Roller Coaster Ride... over and over...they are 5,4, and 2 1/2, its so funny, they love it!

Jul 7 3:46pm

My daughter loves to listen to Eric's music with me because she always makes sure the "Bad Words" jar is close by and I have to pay $1 for every bad word that Eric says (mostly damn and hell) :) I take loans from that jar! :)


Old Friends Old Wisky Old Song sounds like a new ECB JD brand of wiskey comming to a liquor store near you.


What a nice surprise video!!It was awesome, I hope Eric makes another CD with these song. That was wonderful, Looks like a real good time and its so cool how he loves his fans and makes sure they know it. We love him too!


Thank you Eric's team for posting the video and thank you Eric for performing. I was touched by the song "Closer than you think you are" as I'm sure others were as well. This has such a deep meaning to anyone striving for something in life that others find impossible. I hope this song makes its way onto the next album so I can listen to it when times get tough. Hearing it just once might not be enough :)


To Eric and his EC Team- thanks for the video of the Lost Songs for the Church Choir members who weren't able to join you! Your music impacts all of us in a very meaningful way. I hope that these songs find their way to us through another album. Thanks for all you do!


Thanks for sharing the Lost Songs Video looked like an awesome time! Good friends and Good whiskey! Don't get no better than that!

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Jun 25 11:00am

Amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing this. It made the girl's day. :)

Jun 25 11:07am

It was a great video!!!! Even better cause I was in it :-)

Jun 25 12:08pm

So was I! My daughter thought it appropriate that I was at the bar. Had an awesome afternoon and hope those songs make it to a new album. It was a privilidge to be there that afternoon

Jun 25 12:55pm

Awesome wish he was at summerfest this year


Just watched the video...will you keep them around for upcoming albums? Love what I heard....wanna hear more!


Thank you for posting this video! I hope to get picked to attend the annual fan party someday!!!

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Jun 25 3:44pm

I got one so far....and they didn't go crazy with shipping charges..a real treat.Can't wait. the New tank top for women, how do th

Jun 25 3:45pm

the sizes run?


This was AWESOME!! Thank you!!! What a great way to remember such a fun and special day!

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Jun 25 10:35am

Loved it thanks for posting!

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