Eric Church

General Questions

How do I sign up for the Church Choir?

To sign up for The Church Choir community, click "Register" – Create a free membership and then you will then need to choose which package you'd like. Purchase and then create your profile to your account. After signing up, you'll have access to the membership you purchased.

Where do I go to renew my membership?

To renew your membership go to the same place you registered originally,, and purchase your membership there. If you have auto-renewal turned on, then your membership will automatically renew one calendar year after you purchased it. If you purchased a premium membership it will auto-renew at the $19.95 rate. If you would like to receive the premium merchandise bundle again, you must purchase the full price membership from the link above.

How do I check to see if I have auto-renewal turned on or change settings like my email address or credit card number?

Go to the fan feed here, login with your credentials, click "view my profile," then click "manage membership."

I lost my password, what do I do?

If you lost your password, you can reset your password here. You'll receive an email with a link that will allow you to select a new password.

Who can I contact if i don't see my question listed?

If you're having issues, you can email

Pre-Sale Ticketing Questions

Purchasing tickets and requesting Meet & Greets through are two of the many perks of being a Church Choir member. Please check the FAQ below if you are unsure of how the process works. If you have been identified for suspicious activity, your membership will be revoked immediately without a refund and without notice. If you believe you have been identified wrongfully, please contact for an explanation on your suspicious activity.

Do I have to be a fan club member in order to purchase tickets in the Church Choir pre-sale?

Yes! Access to ticket presales is one of the best perks of membership in the Church Choir. If you aren't a member, sign up here.

Is there a limit on the amount of tickets I can buy per show?

The ticket limit for the fan club presale is 6 tickets per member, per show (except for Nashville which was 4 this year). The ticket limit for the public onsale is also 6 tickets per show. Additionally, there is an overall household limit stated on the ticket purchase page. This household limit is associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, or credit card number.

I didn't get tickets during the Church Choir pre-sale or I don't like my tickets... can I get a refund of my membership?

We do not give refunds on Church Choir memberships. Being a member gives you ACCESS to tickets and increases your chances of getting great seats.

When are pre-sale tickets available?

We try to secure pre-sale tickets for as many Eric Church shows as possible but not every show will have a pre-sale. Pre-sale tickets will typically be available through or Ticketmaster prior to the public on-sale date. Pre-sales will be announced both on Eric's tour page and through Church Choir emails. Sign up HERE to be notified when sales for your area will be available.

My pre-sale tickets have not arrived. When will they arrive?

In an effort to decrease scalper activity, Church Choir pre-sales will be Credit Card Entry (paperless) tickets where possible. If an Eric Church pre-sale is not handled through Ticketmaster and is handled through then all pre-sale tickets are to be picked up at the Will Call window at the box office window the day of the show, unless otherwise noted by the ticket provider. The tickets will be held under the billing name entered when you placed your order. Please bring a photo ID to the will call window when you pick up your tickets.

How are pre-sale tickets assigned?

We are given a block of holds specifically for the Church Choir and no one else. By being a Church Choir member, you have access to some of the best seats in the house at any price level but not guaranteed tickets.

Where is my Promo Code?

Log into your standard or premium church choir membership and click "view profile" you will then go to your "promo code" tab. There you will find your unique promo code that can be used on all Ticketmaster Church Choir pre-sales for "The Outsiders World Tour" only. For more questions about promo codes, email or Ticketmaster directly:

Can I purchase tickets for someone else?

The best seats in the house will be Credit Card Entry (paperless) tickets only or will call. If an Eric Church pre-sale is not handled through Ticketmaster and is handled through then all pre-sale tickets are to be picked up at the Will Call window at the box office window the day of the show, unless otherwise noted by the ticket provider. The tickets will be held under the billing name entered when you placed your order. Eric is extremely dedicated to putting tickets into the fans hands and making tickets available to purchase through others besides Eric and team increases the chances of scalping; we do not recommend purchasing these tickets from anywhere else.

I just placed an order for pre-sale tickets. Why don't I see a charge on my credit card yet?

Tickets are held for you as soon as you place your order and receive your order number. It can sometimes take up to 72 hours after placing your order for the charge to appear on your credit card statement.

Do I HAVE to have a credit card to order pre-sale tickets?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I order pre-sale tickets over the phone?

No. For security reasons, we cannot accept orders over the phone.

Why are there pre-sale ticket opportunities for some shows but not others?

We strive to offer pre-sale ticketing for every Eric Church show but may not be able to due to conflicts out of our control. If pre-sale ticketing is not offered at the show of your choice, we ask that you please enjoy the rest of the Church Choir benefits such as meet and greet opportunities, online store discounts, etc. No membership refunds will be issued.

I bought pre-sale tickets to a show and now I am unable to attend. Can I get a refund or transfer the tickets to my friend?

All tickets purchased through The Church Choir are non-refundable and requests for refunds will not be granted. Tickets are NON TRANSFERABLE. ORIGINAL TICKET PURCHASER MUST ATTEND THE EVENT. ALL VIP AND FAN CLUB SALES ARE WILL CALL ONLY. Please make sure you are able to attend the show before purchasing tickets.

When will I know pre-sale tickets for my city are going on sale?

We do the best we can to post pre-sale dates as early as possible but sometimes are not able to post them until a day before the pre-sale begins. We also send out emails regularly with information regarding any upcoming/ongoing ticket pre-sales. However, as usual, the best place to find out when a Church Choir ticket pre-sale is going to happen is by checking

Meet & Greet Questions

How do I request meet & greets?

You can request a meet and greet by clicking on "TOUR" at the top of the home page and then clicking "Meet & Greet" to the right of the show you are planning on attending. If the "Meet & Greet" option is not there for your show, there may not be one scheduled for that event.

How do I find out whether or not I was selected for a meet & greet?

We will generally send out emails stating whether your request for a meet & greet was either accepted or denied several days before the show.

Am I guaranteed a meet & greet?

No. As a Church Choir Member, you have the ability to request as many meet & greets as you'd like; however, the winners are picked at random from members who have made a request for a given show. Also, a member can win only one meet & greet per year.

If I win a meet and greet, can I bring a guest?

No. The meet and greet pass will only grant the winner (yourself), access into the meet and greet. No additional names are allowed to be added to the meet and greet list once the winners have been chosen and the meet and greet has been closed.

If I win a meet and greet but cannot attend, can I give my pass to someone else to use or transfer to another show?

No. The meet and greet passes are non-transferable, meaning that the person who's name is on the meet and greet pass, will be the only one allowed to use the pass to access the meet and greet. The pass is only good for the show listed and cannot be transferred to another show.

Can I request a meet and greet for someone other than myself?

No. You must be a Church Choir member to request a meet & greet.

Store Questions

Returns & Exchanges

Refunds or Exchanges of your unwashed, unworn and unused items must be done within 30 Days of purchase.

Exchanges are limited to size.

Please send your items to:

Chief Merch
c/o Returns
131 S. 11th Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Free shipping supplies are available at your local United States Post Office.

Inside your package, please include written instructions for the size you wish to exchange for, or your request for refund. This ensures that your return or exchange is processed correctly, and the new package sent back to you quickly.

Exchanges will be mailed to you using the same USPS service as your initial order. A new confirmation email with tracking information will be issued upon shipment back to you.

If you've requested a refund, it will be initiated once your return package has arrived at our warehouse. Please allow for 5–10 business days to see your refund applied.

Why is my credit card being denied?

Here are the reasons why your card might be denied:

  • The Credit card company processing your card, for whatever reason has deemed that there are not enough funds or too many transactions on your account to process this order. You will need to contact your credit card or bank company.

  • The credit card information you entered did not pass our Billing Address Verification Check. When we check a card for available funds, we also check to make sure that the billing address of the card matches what the user entered. This is one way that we protect our customers from fraud. If the billing address doesn't match, then the order gets declined.

I keep trying to place my order but it's not going through. Why?

Make sure you have filled out all of the fields, including the country you will ship to. If you still have problems, email with a description of your problem and we'll look into your specific case.

How long will it be until my order ships?

We have a one to two week shipping time for orders within the United States. It can take as little as three days for delivery depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. International shipping times vary.

It's been a long time and I still don't have my order. What do I do?

Email us at You need to have your Order Number. This is the number that you received when your order was placed. When you ordered, you were directed to a page where you were prompted to print your receipt--the number is on that page. Once you email us, we'll contact you if we need to or just fix the problem and send you your order.

I hate spam mail, you're not going to use my personal information for anything else, are you?

Absolutely not, we use your information for shipping purposes only, and your e-mail to contact you if there is an issue with your order. Your credit card number is stored in an encrypted secure format.

What is the Card Code?

The card code is a three or four digit number located on the back of credit cards and bank cards. This number is an added fraud protection feature used when someone is purchasing a product online or over the phone.